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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Staying Fit & Healthy 7 Months Pregnant

Now that I'm 32 weeks along, my body is certainly different than it was when I was 17 weeks along and wrote the blog entry "Tips on Staying Fit and Healthy In Pregnancy."

Here are the most notable changes

- Big belly

- SI joint subluxation that prevents running

- more rapid, shallow breathing

So as you go through pregnancy, you may find your exercise routine needs to be adjusted. But never use being 7 months pregnant as an excuse to give up exercising or to gain excess weight, or you will be the sorry one!

I agree with what I have written previously about pushing yourself every day to exercise vigorously and to go to bed at least a little hungry every night (unless you have been specifically instructed otherwise by your doctor on either issue). 32 weeks is a critical time to keep up these routines so you will continue to feel good, have a successful labor & delivery and have a quicker recovery (and most importantly, be a happy, healthy mom). It would be so easy now to give in to the forces of nature that tell you to be fat and lazy. Once you give up, I imagine it would be nearly impossible to start up exercising strenuously again. So don't give up!!! This is easier said than done. Every day it is more of a struggle for me to push myself, but I feel great after I have.

Here is what has worked for me since I have been unable to run:

Daily exercise routine:

- 1 hour elliptical

- 1 hour swimming

- 1 hour spinning (and if I don't feel contractions in the upper abs during the sprints, I know I'm not working hard enough)

- 30 -60 minutes of yoga

Diet plan:

I was having lots of trouble with hypoglycemia a couple hours after eating a breakfast loaded with carbs, so I decided I needed to alter my diet and I have been feeling great since then:

- No high fructose corn syrup

- nothing with sugar added

- no breads, pastas, rice or deserts

- nothing with unknown added ingredients

I have been eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, juices and dairy products for carb sources. Eggs, cheese, beans, nuts and fish are ideal for fat and protein.

Of course what works for me may not work for everyone. But I have kept my weight gain to 11 lbs and I feel wonderful. My physical therapist actually just told me that she gained 14 lbs with two of her pregnancies and felt really good afterwards and then gained 18 with one and "had 4 pounds of fat to lose afterwards." So I guess we should all find a barometer to tell us when we are gaining too much weight. My barometer is my legs (if they rub together when I exercise, I have gained too much).

And just because you're 7 months pregnant, don't be ashamed to wear a bikini, even to the YMCA. Sorry... here's one more pic from the trip:

I don't know how people get one piece suits to fit them when they are beyond 7 months. And plus, the bottoms are easy to slip off when you need to emergently run to a toilet.

A couple more recommendations I have are:

- if you are able to, work just part time

- if you are having back problems, headaches or you are near term and know you have a breach baby, see a chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women

- have sex as much as you can. It will make you happy, help you sleep and bring you and your partner closer together. But if you are too tired from work, lack of exercise, excess weight gain or poor nutrition you won't want to have sex and you will have entered a vicious cycle. Don't let it happen to you!

Finally, I have to admit that I don't think I would be able to keep my spirits up like this if it weren't for SR and my love for him and the beautiful life inside of me.

Best wishes to all the pregnant or one-day-to-be pregnant ladies out there reading this. I will end by saying, if you can keep running past 6 1/2 months, do it!!! If not, see above advice, and don't get down-hearted.

Running song of the day: No One by Alicia Keys


olga said...

That's a great routine - I just wish I had 4 hrs...and a guy to have sex with:) I checked out a blog "Running for two" - that's awesome, you're finding likeminded people out there!

sea legs girl said...

You are so funny, Olga. I love your comments. You are right that my life is good. I'll remind myself of that when I read enviously about your blissful long runs :).

Lisa said...

You are such a cutie, finally starting to show a little. I'm glad you found cross training activities to do. Looking good!