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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Great week in training and weight loss

I woke up Monday morning and was faced with a freightening fact: I weighed 53.8 kg (118.6 lbs). When we moved to Denmark, I weighted 50.5 kg (111 lbs), and was right where I wanted to be.

So, what can one do but diet? And I really surprised myself with how well the diet went, and I was fortunate enough to also have perhaps the best week of training in 6 months.

Mon: 53.8 kg. 12 mile run.

Tues: 53.0 kg. 1 hour hill running. 50 minutes hard swimming.

Wed: 52.6 kg. 16 mile run.

Thurs: 52.4 kg. 6 mile slow run. 20 minute bike. 14 k (8.7 mile) tempo with 5 guys from track club (4:30/km or 7:15/mile).

Fri: 51.8 kg 6 mile slow run. 50 minutes hard swimming (switching off with SR swimming and pushing The Lorax in his make shift hot tub in an inner tube... I'll have to get a picture of this).

Sat: 51.4 kg (113 lbs). 16 mile run on trails around maybe the most beautiful lake in Denmark, Furesø. Neither of us had seen this lake before, but we just happened upon it when following trails outside of Copenhagen. It is about 75% surrounded by trails and nature preserve. Man, it was gorgeous. In the US I am sure it would have just mansions on the shore and no public access.

I'm tired but overall feel absolutely fantastic. Over 5 lbs in 5 days! Once you get going, the feeling you get from weight loss can be extremely addictive. Anyway, I'm sure once I get to 50.5 kg again, I won't mind eating a bit more.

What's the secret? Eating almost exactly 2,188 calories a day (yes, I'm anal), exercising as above and breastfeeding 3x a day (yes, I still breastfeed so much that if I go 8 hours my boobs hurt).

Running Song of the Day: Cesse la pluie by Anggun


Danni said...

Wow. 5 pounds in 5 days is pretty impressive. That said, I gained 8 pounds and lost it in the span of 5 days last week. Of course it was all water from a strenuous race!

Abbie said...

Check out this blog:

It is a girl I grew up with in high school. I thought you might be interested in the nutritional aspect of it. I wouldn't be surprised if you were able to maintain your weight well and have more energy by eating a more whole foods, low fat diet. That said, I don't even know what you eat. :) From some of the things you've posted though I thought you already didn't drink milk, consume dairy products. Either way, I've been slowly taking meat out of my diet and am loving the results.

sea legs girl said...


8 lbs is a lot of water! Sounded like an amazingly fun (and difficulty) race.

I checked out the blog. She has a lot of cool ideas. I will have to pass the link on to my sister, too, who is a vegan.

I am a vegatarian who eats fish & eggs. I don't really drink milk or eat cheese because I'm lactose intolerant, plus I don't think they have a lot of health benefits (I get calcium from other sources).

Learningtorun2009 said...

Sea legs girl,

I began reading your blog last week. I was searching the net to learn how much weight I should actually gain while pregnant. I just started running in January and then found out I was pregnant last week. I am enjoying your blog. Thanks for writing.

Me said...

I lost 5 pounds on a 10 mile training run one day. Given, it was the middle of summer in Maryland, so very humid. I did drink water along the way. I also know my body water is like 70%, so it wasn't surprising. I take any sudden weight gain/lose with a grain of sand because of this.

sea legs girl said...
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sea legs girl said...

Learning to run,

Great to hear from you! So many congrats on the pregnancy. I hope you have a wonderful experience and encourage you to keep running if you can (even a little will make you feel better!).


You are exactly right. I normally wouldn't get so exicted about 5lbs either. Heck, I see patients often who gain or lose that in a day. But I could tell it was real by my clothing and by the way it came with some serious calorie restriction.

Me said...

That's how I like to judge my weight- by how my clothes feel! I recently started training again, and though I've only lost like 3-5 pounds, my clothes say inches have come off, and lean muscle is gaining, it's exciting! And in the same respect- if I weigh myself and I'm "heavy" it's usually because I just ate, drank a lot, or have on extra clothes, I don't worry about it.

Enthused said...

Hello again Sea Legs,

I am at 35 weeks right now and still running - and keep going back to your pregnancy experience so I can get my juju back on the bad days - like today, when the baby's foot is stuck in my ribs, people stop to tell me I'm crazy, and I fear I will never feel light, fast, and free again.

It really helps to read that you were back to running and racing so quickly after the birth. I really hope that running through the third trimester will make me stronger and faster afterwards too. Right now, I'm just jealous of anyone who isn't pregnant!

Anyway, it's inspiring to read what you have done, and I'm on a mission now to run until the day I deliver.