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Thursday 9 October 2008

Baby Jogger Incident

SR and I were on a run with the The Bois in the baby jogger. We were in a good mood and having one of our usual heated discussions. We had no inkling of what was going to happen.

We approached the exit of the hospital parking lot and there was a woman in a minivan with a kid in the front seat taking a right turn. She acknowledged us and stopped the car, but then as we began to cross, she starting turning again! I was so angry that I banged on the side of the car. SR moved the baby jogger to the side and also banged on the car. The back wheel of the car ran over the front of the baby jogger. And in one of those surreal, slow-motion moments I saw the baby jogger tip over. For that moment, it was just me and The Bois on earth and I heard him cry. I saw him safely strapped in the tipped baby jogger and I took him out in his flurry of tears.

SR began running after the driver who was driving away. His speed came in handy at this point. He got next to the minivan and the driver looked at him. Scared, she just drove off. SR got the license plate number.

He returned and I told him The Bois was okay, but the front wheel of the baby jogger had broken off.

A bunch of people driving by stopped and said they couldn't believe what had happened. Neither could we! All I could think of was how lucky we were.

We walked back, SR pushing the broken jogger and me with The Bois in my embrace. We called the police and reported it.

This is not a reason to not use baby joggers. This is a plea that none of you out there ever act like that driver. She is currently being charged with hit and run.


Lisa said...

Unbelievable, I am so glad everyone is safe. Wow.

You must have been absolutely frantic.

Abbie said...

Seriously! Glad you guys are ok... especially those who got hit. Thank goodness SR is so fast and was quick to get the license plate number.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everyone is okay! I'm confused though -- did she back over the baby jogger trying to get out of your way? I'm just trying to picture it all. Did she know she ran over the stroller? So strange that she acknowledged you then went anyway ... ugh. Glad the Bois is snug and safe.

amazon said...

Drivers are ridiculous sometimes. One hit my husband while he was biking home from work and just continued driving into the McDonalds she was turning in to. He picked up his bike and went in after her, and she claimed she had no idea that she'd even hit him. I think, after hearing your story, I'll just go behind the cars, even if they do acknowledge me.

Danni said...

Very scary.

Michelle said...

Holy moly!!! How scary for you guys!! I am glad The Bois is OK.

Asger said...

Kaere Rasmus og Tracy,

Gud ske tak og lov, at Christian er OK!

Kaerlig hilsn,


H said...

She drove off???????????????????? PH ERPOHH#PH_#@ R@8P wow I'm so angry for you.

Glad everyone is okay.