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Friday 21 November 2008

Suitcase Life

Today our belongings are being packed into an ocean-going container. 315 cubic feet of memories and practical items. We'll see those items in 4-5 weeks. In the meantime, we'll live out of our two suitcases.

This is the last day in our apartment, too. We'll stay the next two nights with my parents in Stone Bank, WI. The step-kids are coming, too. We're going to celebrate an early Thanksgiving.

Then we'll stay in a hotel for two nights before we finally embark on a flight to what SR calls, "the old country."

SR is having quite a bit of trouble with the thought of saying good-bye to the step-kids. This goes without saying, I guess. We're hoping my parents will bring step-daughter to visit in February. In the meantime, we've got the phone and perhaps ex-wife will install a web-cam. This is the only downside we see to the move and it's a big one.

But there's no denying we're excited about a new life. And The Bois provides continuous entertainment and joy. He finally is really crawling (all over the place) and the same day he started to go across the entire apartment he actually stood himself up. So it seems that now that he's overcome his fear of being on the floor, things are going to move really quickly.

I hope to write once more before we leave.

As a side note, my running has been pathetic lately. I have no goal except the Copenhagen Marathon in May. It seems like any time I try to do any sort of speed work in the winter, I get injured. So I'll basically relax on my runs (unless a woman passes me). Then again, it won't be as cold in "the old country." And I'm sure we'll find another target race in the meantime.

Running Song of the Day: Pony by Erin McCarley


Olga said...

In a mean time - don't worry about small things:)
I'll miss you while you travel and settle in. I enjoy your living life to its fullest every day and taking risks. You guys feel like relatives to me...or at least as old childhood friends. Soft landing, and much sunshine to you.

SteveQ said...

Since the two of you are moving, you won't fit my list of Midwest Bloggers, so I added a new list of "Girls allowed to beat me in ultras," so I could add you back. Now you'll have to return to take advantage of that!

Lisa said...

Wow, how exciting! This is a new adventure. Speaking of awkwardness toward gay folks, a gay couple introduced my husband and me to each other, so I had them stand up and give the first speech at our CATHOLIC wedding. We loved it. It was very smooth, and no one did or said anything inappropriate. "Ha!" to the Church.

Danni said...

Somehow I bet your idea of "pathetic" is less than 80 mpw! It's all good -- sometimes we need to back off. Sounds like an exciting adventure lies ahead. Fun!

Bec said...

Blessings and luck through all of your travels! Can't wait to hear about things on the flip side!

Abbie said...

I too am going to miss your posts over the next little bit but I am excited to hear all about Denmark. Do you think you'll ever come back to the US? Happy travels!

Unknown said...

Good luck with the move! I can't wait to come visit! It was lovely to see the whole fam this weekend. You guys are just a fantastic bunch. I expect TONS of "old country" pics in your upcoming posts.
Oh, and keeping on the topic of running, I ran what I think will be my last run around the lake before winter. BRRR!!! Maybe I need one of those attractive luchador-like masks to get me through the Minnesota winters.

Michelle said...

I'm guessing your new life has started already. :-)

Can't wait to hear all about it and see some pics of the new homeland!