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Sunday 27 September 2009

tendonitis cured

We went on a 20k run yesterday, mostly around Bagsværd Sø, and the more I ran, the better the injury felt.

It has now been 2 weeks since the Transalpine run and I now feel better than I did before the race.

Why did the injury heal so quickly? Here are my theories:

1. I do not normally have problems with my tibialis anterior, so running small amounts in itself has not exacerbated the problem.

2. I have been doing a ton a bikinig and swimming so the injury did not tighten up from sitting around and doing nothing.

3. I took prednisone early enough to prevent some inflammation (though it did not come without some side effects, which I didn't mention, namely the loss of the first layer of skin from my fingertips and small painful sores around my lips)

4. when I did run, I ran on relatively flat dirt trails

Of all these, 1 and 4 are the ones I am nearly 100% convinced of, the other two are hard to prove either way.

I look forward to revealing our upcoming race schedule in my next post.

Running Song of the Day: Va Fangool! by Nephew


SteveQ said...

White Rabbits' "The Plot" is my new favorite running song.

Can't wait to see the schedule, even if Chippewa's your only one this direction. Why do I think Western States is in the offing?

Helen said...

glad to hear you're back running. I still have pain in the muscle so was planning to give it a few more days. Did you run with some pain? Guess I am wondering if I should try to run before I'm 100% pain free?? It's killing me but don't want to prolong the injury either...

Looking forward to your race schedule - having fun planning mine. Did you know that Andy Holak is looking to organize a stage race on the SHT - possibly May.

sea legs girl said...
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sea legs girl said...

SteveQ, I love The Plot. Great song suggestion. Can't say anything yet about the schedule. SR and I still need to brainstorm a bit.

Helen, yes, it actually still hurts when I press on the tendon, but it doesn't hurt at all while I run. I would give running a try again. If the pain gets worse while running, you know it's too early to start again. VERY interesing about the stage race on the SHT. Hmmm.....

RunnerWoman said...

So curious to know your racing schedule!