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Sunday 22 November 2009

Boring post

This has been a pretty great week in training. We're training for races of such varied distances, though, that I hardly know what a strategy I should have. We've got a marathon in January, 10ks a 5k in the meantime, perhaps a 6 hour in March, a 50k in Aril, 24 hour in June. Anyway, here was this past week:

Mon. 30 min biking (with Lorax on bike seat). 6 x 1 mile running intervals. Each mile at a little under 7 minutes (disappointingly slow). Also 4 mile warm up and 4 mile cool down (warm up and cool down with baby jogger.
Tues: 2 hour 45 min slow run. ? 16 miles (4 of those miles with baby jogger)
Wed: 45 minutes swimming. 30 min. biking. 40 minutes jogging with baby jogger. ? 5 miles
Thurs: 4 miles slow with baby jogger. 8 mile tempo (8 min/mile pace on muddy trails). 4 miles slow with baby jogger.
Friday: 30 min. biking with Lorax. 55 min. swim. 40 min. jogging ? 5 miles with baby jogger.
Sat. 3 hour 5 min. run. ?20 miles
Sun. 7 mile run with baby jogger. 45 min swim.

Total miles this week: 83

A week of two illnesses, plus a week of intense running. How much weight did I lose? None.

Step-daughter, on the other hand, has gone from 36.5 kg when she moved here to 33.9 kg on Friday. This is almost 6 lbs! I am writing this, because she said to me on Friday... Can you write how much weight I've lost on your blog? (yes, she reads it, too). She thinks it is funny that people give me a hard time on the blog about encouraging her to lose weight. After all, she is pretty proud of it. But SR deserves most of the credit for her weight loss. He gets her to exercise daily and utilizes small snacks well. I also mananged to sign her up for swim lessons, which started last week.

In other news, SR and I are planning a romantic getaway to Lisbon, Portugal in February. Anyone have any running recommendations there? Or other fun things to do there?

Running Song of the Day: Cross Bones Style by Cat Power (this is especially good for intervals), Heartbeats by José González


Joy Joy said...

SLG- How do you find the time to train for so many hours, many of them without the baby jogger, and have a full-time job? I pretty much always have to run with my little one and she only tolerates about an hour and a half in the jogger. I'm guessing SR is super supportive and helpful. What's your secret?

sea legs girl said...

Yeah... good point. I changed t the post. Over half of the running was with the baby jogger and all of the biking with The Lorax on the back of the bike. Plus SR is an awesome husband. We try to give each other time to exercise and take turns watching the kids.

Joy Joy said...

Ok, that makes more sense. We do the jogger trades as well-he meets me on the run and I run home w the jogger.

Unknown said...

Hi SLG, glad to hear Stepdaughter thinks it's funny, that is a very good perspective. Just remember, though, that she follows your cues. So the ridiculous folks who harp on your parenting will give her the giggles, because that's the reaction you and SR have, but she will also internalize the importance of her weight (the weight of her weight, so to speak!). Just reminding you that you're the adults here, not her, so just because she seems cool doesn't mean you should not be vigilant about crossing the line from supportive of being active to kilo-obsessed. I hope that made sense and I didn't say anything obnoxious.


sea legs girl said...


Great comment. Thank you. I'm so glad to have such insightful, supportive people reading this blog.


Joy Joy said...

I think you're doing stepdaughter a lifelong favor by helping her get to a healthy weight now. Child obesity is such a sad problem and sets kids up to be overweight their whole lives. Once she figures out how great it feels to be fit, hopefully she'll never go back. Way to go!

RunningMama said...

Your attention to your step-daughter's weight concerns me. I am in full support of encouraging her to be healthy, but focusing on the scale and numbers might put too much emphasis on the wrong end goal. An anecdote: my parents always put a lot of pressure on my sister to lose weight when she was a girl as she carried around a bit of extra weight. As a result, she always had an unhealthy relationship with food and her body and has struggled with eating disorders for the past 15 years. I echo Julia's comments.

dcavocado said...

We were just in Lisbon in October for our babymoon. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and still running, that's why I read your blog. :) We had planned on running while we were there but we didn't end up doing it. It was mainly because all the sidewalks were cobblestone and I did not want to run on cobblestone. And ppl there aren't used to runners so running on the asphalt road wasn't an option either...too dangerous. If you don't mind cobblestone, or if you guys want to venture to a park, that's certainly doable. It's very hilly but along the water, it's pretty flat. We were in Brussels before Lisbon and I had already gotten in a lot of my runs so I didn't try too hard to find a way to run in Lisbon. Good luck and have a great vacation!