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Wednesday 30 June 2010

The SLG Look of Summer 2010

Put away your fashion magazines. The look of the summer is here. Or at least, that's a pretty nice haircut.

No more running with hairties?

And what else is cool this summer?

I have slowly begun to accept the fact that I am not a skinny runner anymore. I have, actually against my will, become more of a well-rounded athlete. And don't think I'll EVER get below 52 kg again and I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

Our entire spring was filled with race, recovery, race, recovery. And all of that recovery time has meant lots of swimming and biking for me (initially to burn calories, but then to really get good at both of them). And yeterdsay, "Cross Fit". So, as I understand it, this Cross Fit phenomenon has been big in the US for a while, but has just made it to Denmark. Or at least has just made it to our small town. To me the idea of swinging a big black weight called a "kettlebell" was completely abhorrent (maybe I just don't like the name "kettlebell", which is also what they are called in Danish). I am a pure, beautiful, skinny runner, who doesn't taint herself with that nonesense. Or I was, sort of... Anyway, my first cross fit class yesterday involved 30 men and women in a race set-up which included running 400 meters, swinging "kettelbells" and doing pullups, repeat 4x all outdoors. And gosh darn it, I won the whole thing and even beat the men, including the guy who runs the athletic club. And it was a blast. Who knew? (But part of me still wishes I were a waif who couldn't do a pull-up to save her life... am I mad???).

I hate looking at pictures of myself. I feel so, um, okay, "big-boned".
Yes, I cut off the bottom half of the picture because I think my legs look big (but they work, gosh darn it!).

Here's the deal: everyone loves the blogs of women who used to be overweight and then lost weight and now look beautiful. But no one wants to hear a woman who used to be too skinny now whining when she's not too skinny anymore. Okay, I'm not whining. I'm calling it the look of the summer 2010.

Hey, and with those arms, I finally beat a female high school swimmer at the pool the other day!!! But I guess the real truth will come out at the Kanal Triathlon this Sunday.

I am also learning that nothing says "Summer in Denmark" more than toplessness and nudity (no, no pictures of me. I'm still too American, I guess. But SR isn't rushing to submit a photo either.).

Anyway, here is a angry, naked boy on a tricyle, who turned out to have a wicked-shparp stone in his "gluteal cleft", which he demanded I remove shortly after this photo.

Danes ALL get at least 3 weeks of (paid) summer vacation and sometimes even the opportunity for topless tabletennis arises (this is picture from a yearly bulletin of an athletic club in Copenhagen)And, yes, runners get into it, too. Here is a video of last year's Naked Run at Roskilde Festival (I had to sign a waiver not to upload anything "obscene"when I was about to upload this, so I decided I'd just post a link, rather than have readers accuse me of being obscene). The female and male winners receive free entry to next year's festival (I think I may have found a target race for next year). It takes place again this weekend.

Well, if you weren't so grossed out that you navigated away, I will say that I have yet to find the running song of the summer. But I liked Steve Q's suggestion, and I know if it's a song the two of us agree on, it has to be good:

Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti & Spearhead


cherelli said...

Love the new haircut. And you ARE slim, just maybe you are gaining unexpected muscle through cycling and swimming which is causing the scales to change - it'll all be good for running. Good luck in your tri!

Olga said...

You are a fatty, and I am an elephant. BTW, I am pleasantly surprised you can do pull ups. Like, real, no help, a few? Your arms (that you refer to "with these arms") don't look that big either. But then again, it's a female thing. I think I am humangous. Good luck "tri-ing". And the haircut is cute! Much better than hairbands. Oh, and while I am European and can change my clothes on the streets, I won't run a naked run, or play topless tennis.

Emily P said...

Great new haircut! You look great all over.

Carrie said...

Maybe it's just in your part of the world... the nudity. I recently flew on a plane next to a Russian woman and her 3 year old son who spent the majority of the flight naked. Well behaved but naked. Your hair cut looks great AND loving your body because it's strong (And still thin) is wonderful. You're right, it's not easy to start out thin, no big changes for me either.

SteveQ said...

I LOVE the photo of the Bois on his trike! I could make that my wallpaper.

Sounds like you're regaining some sanity about weight and you already sound happier.

As for how I choose running songs for you: I start with the brightest bounciest pop song I can stand. Then add about 30% more girliness. Then some electronic "twink" and some euro "sludge." The result is usually "That's Not My Name" by the Ting Tings.

Danni said...

I love Crossfit! YAY!!!!!!!! You are still really skinny so I don't know what you're talking about. But it's hard to judge from the scale when you're gaining muscle, as you know. Your bones will thank you for getting stronger (Crossfit). And it's fun to get strong!

SteveQ said...

Katy Perry's "California Girls" has already been christened as the song of summer 2010 here in the States.

Meh. (Nice cupcakes in the video, though).

Ellen said...

I agree with Danni. Yay! Crossfit is hideous amounts of fun and work. I think your running will improve. Keep us posted! My sister is a marathoner and turns her nose up at crossfit though she has yet to try it. There is a crossfit endurance program for runners too. I haven't tried it, but I've heard good things. I don't know you but I imagine from the photos that you are thin, and you'll see that there are actually plenty of strong, skinny crossfit women.

Unknown said...

I love the hair and that you beat all those folks at crossfit!
Body image knows no limits. For what its worth I think you look great :)

Anonymous said...

Wauw ...Sikken en flot frisure. Det ser dødsmart ud.Og Tracy, du er super slank ... come on, du vejer ikke et gram for meget.

Håber vi snart ses til løb igen. Jeg kommer til Næstved den 8. aug. til socialmt ... måske ser jeg dig på "tilskuerrækkerne"?.

Mange sommerhilsener fra


Karen said...

I love the haircut! As far as the muscle thing, it's really what makes a stronger runner. I used to be really thin with small muscles, but I've quickened considerably once I let the number on the scale creep up five pounds as I built mileage and muscles.

For what it's worth, people I know think that being toned is much more attractive than looking like a stiff breeze could blow you over. You look great!

Kate said...

well, I'm sure you weren't really fishing for compliments, but add my name to the list of people shouting from the rooftops that you are still thin! and strong is good. I'm not trying to throw stones here, but I do worry about your self body image the way you talk on here sometimes. Especially since you have said before that stepdaughter reads this blog.

sea legs girl said...

I just had this great idea that I'd respond to everyone with a separate comment, to make it look like I got more comments (I need to get my self-confidence somewhere).

sea legs girl said...


Agreed. I think it WILL be good for running. As long as I don't KEEP gaining. Time will tell.

sea legs girl said...

Olga, I would rather be an elephant than a fatty. At least then I wouldn't be fat. So you actually want the truth about the pull-ups, huh. Well, there were "girl rules", which meant the first two rounds I did pull ups with this elastic band under my foot. The next two rounds we were allowed to just pull ourselves up as much as we could 9 times. Definitely and advantage for the girls.

And I'm already loving no hairties :)!!!

sea legs girl said...

Peasey, I love it when you comment. Thank you. You make me happy. How is Jamaica (Plain)?

sea legs girl said...


Flying on a plane naked, huh? Well, that is taking it to a whole other level. Just want to get the point across that people don't actually like ride the train naked, but it is not uncommon to see topless women at the beach. But planes and beaches are, you know, slightly different.

sea legs girl said...

Steve Q, well maybe I'll respond to both of your comments in one, since I'm already getting sick of myself.

Feel free to use the Bois as your wallpaper. In fact, it'd be flattering.

And I guess you were right about fat people being happy :). (I'll also use the usual disclaimer of joke)

Your description of my music taste has made me laugh out loud or in my head like 20 times since I read it. I wonder if it will ever get old. Just have to clarify that, while That's Not My Name may be the best running song ever, it is not the type of music I listen to when I just sit around listening to music. But as long as you know my running song taste, that is all that matter, and I actually do like most of your suggestions, just so you know.

Finally, I heard that horrid "California Girls" playing on two radio stations at once today and I threw up in my mouth (twice).

sea legs girl said...

Danni. I thought of you when I went to cross fit. I had signed up for it a while ago and then saw you posted on Facebook that you missed the 5:30 am session. I understand now why you were bummed! :) I love getting up early too, btw.

sea legs girl said...

Ellen, well, I think you are right that it is good training for runners and will improve running results. And if not, nothing wrong with some fun cross training. Tell your sister to get that nose back where it belongs.

sea legs girl said...

Thanks, Angie! Same to you with the looking great! I'm always happy to see your beautiful pics on your blog :).

sea legs girl said...


I always wondered how to spell wow in Danish. Now I know: "wauw". But of course.

Jeg kommer helt sikkert som tilskuere denne dag, eller måske løbe lidt med ? .. :)

Rigtig god sommer til dig!!!!

sea legs girl said...

Karen, thank you. And thanks for commenting, because now I have found your awesome blog, which I have already started to enjoy. Happy Alaskan summer to you!

sea legs girl said...

Kate! Thanks for writing and yes, I am slowly changing my body image for the better and it is people like you who help. There are way to many people who go around blindly praising thin, thin, thin.

Sue said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile and just have to post. Seriously SLG you are not fat nor an elephant and neither is Olga. Actually I think my arm is bigger than your leg? Good god then that makes my legs elephant legs :) Seriously you look great, love the new haircut and there is nothing wrong with being a well rounded athlete and runner. I certainly am and it's done me well running.

Helen said...

You are completely nuts. No question.

I love the hair - though the pic on fb shows it off better!

Can't wait to see you here in a fe weeks. We had a blast at the Afton Trail Run yesterday - you guys will have to add that to the calendar for next year!

sea legs girl said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Sue! I just went and checked out your blog and I can verify that your arm is nowhere near the size of my leg (thank God!).

Helen, we'd love to run Afton. It's just a question of timing with our vacations. Maybe one year... I'm really glad to hear we'll see you at Voyageur.

Lisa said...

I will say that aging helps with body image. Now that you actually in your 30s. you'll see everyone else let themselves go and as you get older and stay fit, you will be even more of a goddess. LOL.