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Monday, 13 December 2010

Sky High hCG

I am just assuming my hCG is extremely high at this moment. I have thrown up about 50 times today. I was supposed to get a cavity drilled at the dentist at 1:30 pm - but the thought of a drill - or gloves - or anything - in my mouth was unbearable. I rode my bike there - and when I started puking on my bike, I decided I had better call and cancel.

Even as I sit here writing - I can smell the most horrible scent in the world - can anyone guess?


Who would have guessed it would come to this? Me hating chocolate. Well, ANYTHING for a healthy baby. And I can only assume that all of this nausea is, well, a good sign.

And I just read that the higher the hCG level, the more likely it's a girl. Would make sense since I don't remember anything like this with The Lorax. Or maybe it's twins.

How is the exercising going? Hmmmm....

Well, actually yesterday I ran for three hours in frigid temps and icy snow with SR, slowly, but no puking. But this morning I went to a pulse/core class and as we were lifting a bar over our head repeatedly, the room started spinning and I had to take a break. I took a quick run a the treadmill - which went horribly - but got to watch a clip of the Metrodome's roof in Minnesota collapsing under the weight of all of the snow. Yes, folks, it even made the national news in Denmark. It's incredible footage, if you haven't seen it.

In a last-ditch exercise effort, I tried to go for a swim. 30 laps in 50 minutes. That is a new record in pathetic. I felt like I was swimming through mud. One thing is for sure - I could NEVER run an ultramarathon right now. I should have suspected something was up last time around.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to see patients all day. It sounds impossible. If you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm spending time with my toilet.


SteveQ said...

Because it's all about me, the dome collapse means my indoor running spot's gone.

Considering you're doing your own ultrasounds, I'm surprised you haven't done a hCG ELISA test; I could MacGuyver one out of household supplies, I'm sure.

Olga said...

Just before I found your sentence of "high hCG=girl", I was going to say "throwing up a lot=girl". I guess, scientifically or folk guess, it is the same:)

Kate said...

hmmm...well, I've got 2 girls. never barfed once with the first pregnancy. barfed maybe once or twice with the second. so I have no idea what that means, but there you go. hope you feel better soon!

will you find out the sex beforehand? I am guessing yes - you seem like the type that would have to know! especially considering you're all scientific and are out there giving yourself your own ultrasounds! : )

Ewa said...

I am so sorry you can't stand the smell of chocolate. I am truly sorry. :) Remind your kid about it when she/he becomes a nasty teen.

Unknown said...

I thought to tell you about some stories of nastyness from my last pregnancy and my husband and oldest spawn would pick on me and .......I won't repeat it but I feel for you.
It will pass, just hang on to that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are in the rough part. I don't know if this helps, and it's very unscientific, but every one I know who had very little or no morning sickness miscarried. The ones who had lots of morning sickness did not.
Lynne in MD

Allison Chapple said...

To the previous poster:

With my last pregnancy, I only had a vague twinge of "ugh" a few times but no sickness and had a very healthy, easy pregnancy. I don't think that no signs = miscarriage at all. Some of us just get/got lucky (on pregnancy #2 now with little symptoms other than fatigue and sore boobs).

No need to worry people, you know? Just sayin'...there's no evidence at all that no sickness means miscarriage.

Kirsten said...

Yeah, you know the Danish expressions for all this puking?
either you "talk on the big white phone" or you are calling "Ulrik" (said with the right barfing noise....).
I do seem to remember that I was feeling worse when expecting my two girls than when expecting my son. And craving bread just with mustard (a lot of mustard that is!!!).

Stefanie Schocke said...

Ugh so sorry you're getting sick! That's the worst!

I had completely different symptoms, weight gain and the way I carried with baby number 2, who is a girl. So maybe yours will be too! :)

SteveQ said...

Home hCG test turns out to be easy: use the dozens of home pregnancy tests you have with serial dilutions of urine and use the manufacturer's stated threshold limit for detection (unless, of course, the tests are for detecting placental lactogen).

sea legs girl said...

Steve, wow. I didn't realize one could run in the metrodome - what a shame it's closed!

Re: dilutional test for beta hCG

1. This would require multiple $8 tests, since I don't have any extras sitting around

2. Considering my beta hCG could be anywhere between 7,000 and 250,000 - it may take a while.

3. I could spend all day doing it - or I could just be comforted by my symptoms. I guess if I were truly OCD, I would choose the former.

He he. Good guess, Olga.

Kate - are you trying to tell me it is twins for sure?!

Ewa - there shouldn't be much trouble maintaining a normal weight gain without chocolate - let's put it that way.

Angie - Oh, please do tell!

Lynn - Ive read the same - but The Chapples, let me add that while nausea can vary a lot from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy, a lack of breast tenderness and fatigue + no nausea WOULD be concerning - but as long as you're having those symptoms you named, there is no reason to worry!

Kirsten - wow! I did know about Ulrik but not the big white phone. He he. Hilarious. Tons of mustard - now normally that would sound good, but NOT right now :P.

Stefanie - we'll see - oh yeah, and to answer Kate's question, I'm sure we'll find out the sex ahead of time. But no tests for Down Syndrome - that's not my style.

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Oh, my sympathies. Hated that part of pregnancy! I taught a lab class during pregnancy and the smells of solvents were beyond my tolerance- had to stay out in the hall much of the time!

I saw interesting posts at and talking about reducing morning sickness and hypoglycemia (and miscarriage) using diet. Hope you find them useful.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey, sister, know what this blog could use?

I'll tell you what, since you didn't ask:

How about an even BIGGER picture of you under a banner full of weird Danish letters like the dread smooshed-together-lower-case-"a"-and-"e" (Hey, "a" and "e"! GET A ROOM!1! Are you two even old enough to be doing that? Shouldn't you wait until you're married and/or capital letters?); and the Sainted Capital "A" with the halo over its head.

It's enough to make an ant sad, which I mention only because "antsad" is my word verification word and it's a bad word which I know for a fact because neither of the "a"s has a halo over its head; but at least none of the other vowels are f*cking like that underage Danish æ character.

But my point is that's a BIG graphic. And some of us have sucky bandwidth at work when the patrons get in and eat up all the bandwidth with their "information seeking". And it (the graphic) takes forever to load.

I blame the Stupid Danish Alphabæt.

sea legs girl said...

Aw, Glaven. Trust me, I've tried! Why, when I say "shink to fit", does it "explode to fit"? Perhaps I'll have a moment to work on it again soon.