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Saturday 27 October 2007

24 week prenatal visit

Hi everyone. Yeah, I guess there are a lot of you now! I just wanted to give a quick update from the prenatal visit. According to the midwife, all is going well. I even specifically asked her about weight gain. She said I had done well in gaining 2 pounds since the last visit 5 weeks ago and that I was "right on track to gain the right amount." She even commented that I must be a runner since I look so fit. Anyway, she mentioned that she herself would like to lose weight. So no concerns from her point of view. I actually think SR and I were more concerned about the only 7lb weight gain so far. She reassured us that the weight would come on more rapidly in the later months.

And she recommended papaya for my heart burn, which I had never heard of before. Coincidentally I had been eating just that the past 3 days and had felt much better as far as the heart burn was concerned.

Oh, and I adamantly told her that our little boy was not going to be circumcised. There is no medical reason for it. And, to put it bluntly, there is more sexual lubrication that way (no, I didn't say that out loud). She said she was so happy we had made that decision, and made it obvious that she was opposed to male circumcision.

An interesting day. And some challenging patients at work.

I just want to make one comment to possibly clear up some confusion about me and the blog: I am, at 126 lbs and 5'5", certainly not anorexic. Nor would I ever want to be. I've never wanted more than to be healthy and strong and fit. It would be hard to take me seriously as a physician if I had an eating disorder.
I'll leave it at that and go on posting as normal on the blog. Thanks for asking me not to close it. I feel terrible that SR's is no longer open to the public since we really enjoy blogging and communicating with people this way.

I want to respond to all of your comments individually, but I've just got to get to bed now. It's going to be sad tonight sleeping without SR. But we did just get to have great call room sex, so I'll be alright.


Run Forrest said...

I'm glad that your appointment went well. I just wanted to say that I've found a good song for running as well. "Pon Da Replay" by Rhianna (sp?) It's a fun and upbeat song that helped to push me through my last mile or so.

sea legs girl said...

Thanks for the song rec! I will try to find it.

runrunrunrunrun said...

Glad your appt went well and things are ok. As a general matter, I don't think having an ED would say anything about your general qualifications to be a physician -- no doubt it happens --and it isn't a character flaw -- it's an illness. Anyhow, just want to offer an apology. Not that it's necessarily worth much, but, well, I apologize.

Olga said...

All is well! Most of the weight gained in last 3 months. I wore skimpy swim suit till I was 7 months with my first one and noone noticed I was pregnant:)
About papaya - be aware it'll give you bright red urine color. I took this enzyme at Bighorn 100 and then about 8 hrs later thought I am havily bleeding when pee. Just don't freak out.
I am 5'5" and 135. There was time I was 182 and then there were 2 years I was 117 (what I didn't consider anorexic either). I'd like to get to 125 but don't stress out about it anymore - I think it's my "future-to-be-ex" put pressure without even saying it, now I am just happy who I am. But in theory, 125 is perfect for this height, my believe.

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