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Friday 30 November 2007

29 week prenantal visit

Just got back from seeing now our 4th midwife. SR and I like to get multiple opinions and meet all the possible ladies who might perform the delivery.

Thankfully she said everything is going well. I gave her the exact details of my workout prior to the injury and she was not concerned. I told her I had injured my piriformis muscle 1 week ago and that I was sad I couldn't run. She said that finding alternative exercises might be the way to go at this point. She then said that she would refer me to physical therapy, though, in the hope that I can return to running if I feel up to it. And, Yay! I did manage to run 1 mile today, like my goal, and I felt good.

As far as the weight gain is concerned, she said I gained nothing during the first trimester, but that my weight gain in the second and third trimester was exactly on the curve it should be and she had no concerns as far as my weight. As I have discussed on this blog before, weight gain in the second trimester is the most important.

She actually recommended I keep the weight gain to a minimum from this point on since I have a small pelvis and she and I are concerned about cephalo-pelvic disproportion. I actually disagree with that on the grounds that I think the baby will end up the same size regardless of how much I gain.

I have responses ready for many of the comments I have received. It seems a bit ironic that all of this bashing should come when I'm not even running. Anyway, I need to look up all of my sources and then will write an educational post for everyone.

Running Song of the Day: "The Parade" by John Vanderslice

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