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"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Turn all the words into poetry

What greater freedom is there in life than running in the woods on a beautiful fall day?

Things have been a bit stressful lately with lost sleep and I even took a day off from running. But it is exhilarating to be back at it again. I hope everyone who is reading this has something they love to do, that makes them feel completely free.

Here is a song about a girl who likes to run:

She's a single face in the crowd
And she runs to the sound of her heart
She doesn't know why that she runs
But she runs

And her heart is emptier than light
And her soul is married to the stars
She doesn't know why that she runs
But she runs

Ah, yes. That's Running Girl by the great British band, Ooberman.

So with all the stress, the details of which I won't get into, I did a lot of thinking, especially about our precious son and came up with some rules to live by that perhaps he'll read some day.

Four tips for our son:

1. Whenever you perceive there to be a fault in someone else, look inside yourself and find two.

2. When something unfortunate happens in your life, find something good that can come out of it.

3. It is okay to cry because life is beautiful. In fact, if you don't, you are missing it.

4. You can't change what happens to you, but you can shape your destiny.

So running has been wonderful lately. And I unintentionally lost 3 pounds. It does concern me. But I feel great. And the belly is clearly growing. And I will be lighter for the 5k race on Saturday (oooh, I can feel the concerned comments coming).

SR opened up his blog again, happily. And I wanted to address a concern from Monica who commented on his blog.

When you think about all of the bouncing, jostling and shaking you're doing of a developing fetus, that just can't be good.

I guess I just don't see how bouncing up and down during running could harm a baby. He is surrounded by water and it really must feel like a swaying motion to him, like a cradle or rocking chair. SR and I joke that he will never be seasick. He always seems to nap when I run, so I can't imagine anything other than him being content in there during the runs.

And there's no call for comparing running to smoking, Monica2. Running and exercise in general is healthy during pregnancy, smoking is not for many MANY reasons (increased risk for placental abruption, decreased blood flow to the baby resulting in poor organ development, I could go on, but I think we all know how bad smoking is).

So, it's off on my bike to use the eliptical now, which I have been enjoying lately.

Gosh, I had a good day after waking up to SR whispering in my ear the sweetest words I could imagine. He knows how to make me happy. I love him.

Running song of the day: Between the Lines by Sambassadeur


Anonymous said...

Well, you asked for it. How on EARTH can you be happy about losing 3 pounds which means that you might run faster for the 5k? That should be the last thing on your mind right now. I am sorry to yet again leave a negative comment here, but I am astounded.

sea legs girl said...

No, I'm not happy about it and there was a lot of stress in my life this past week. I'm just looking at the up-side. But I hope the weight comes back soon.

Run Forrest said...

Um ... I've been pretty critical here before but I have to come to her defense. Where exactly did you read that she was happy about losing 3 lbs? As I saw it, she said it concerned her. Yes there was a comment about being lighter for the 5k but so what? She was going to run it anyway. I don't really care how much she exercises as long as she isn't actively trying to lose weight during her pregnancy.

Just keep packing in as many HEALTHY calories as you can to counteract what is being burned.

Also smoking during pregnancy is a totally different thing.

Anonymous said...

I love your words of wisdom for your son. Good to see your enjoying your running :)

Lisa said...

What does your doc say about the weight loss? Have you been working long shifts? Just wondering what the root cause was. How do you ensure you get enough protein as a vegetarian? I have begun eating only dairy, poultry and fish and I do feel MUCH better. Also, I have been craving clams and scallops like mad, and my husband and I were wondering why...we've been laughing over it. Have you listened to Ani DeFranco? She is a folk artist and she's great. Good luck at your 5k!

Lisa said...

Sorry, I have another question...why does your blog cite you both are moving to Europe but SR's states you will be leaving him for OK? Is his statement no longer true?

Olga said...

I was about to get worried with your silence. You sound content, and that's important. You guys come to mind often - obviously, there is some bond we developed over last year or so. Great words to your son - and all of us. Hope you have lots of fun at 5k and the weight loss stabilizes to a couple of lbs gain.
And I am dreamimg about having a baby with someone who doesn't even know I have any feelings:)

sea legs girl said...
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sea legs girl said...

Olga, I am so happy to hear about this love in your life. We think about you often, too. We do talk about coming to Oregon for a race. Perhaps then we would get to meet this person of your dreams (and you, too, of course!).
Lisa, the last visit we had with the midwife, she said all was good and normal with the pregnancy. Next visit is 2 weeks from today. We don't see a doctor, just midwives. As for the protein, I do eat dairy and fish. Actually I eat fish almost daily, so I don't think your cravings are crazy at all! I have come across lots of interesting studies about fish in pregnancy that I will talk about in the next entry. Finally, we are moving to Europe and I'm not moving to Oklahoma (I did and came back). SR's blog description has just not been updated. I do wonder if he likes to keep it there for the dramatic effect. Oh, and Ani is cool. My favorite song of hers is a really old one: Both Hands.

sea legs girl said...

Oh, and Lisa I love the song "Shy" by Ani Difranco, too. God, that's a good one. I just listened to it... thanks!