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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Best of Ultrarunning 2010

The year is coming to a close and, for the first time, I thought I'd hold a little awards ceremony. I am, of course, the only judge, so there is always that off chance I missed a thing or two. (By the way, is ultrarunning seriously one word? - DON'T question my qualifications for holding an awards ceremony, now.)

1. Unexpected/Inspiring performance

Ronda Sundermeier runs Javelina 100 miler in 19:53. Race report here.
2. Best picture

This is Joy from at mile 80 of her first 100 mile, Tahoe Rim Trail 100. Right before this picture, she admitted she said to her husband: "I'm quitting! You're such an asshole. Why won't you let me sleep?" She then went on to finish in style, refreshed from the nap and from putting her husband in his place.

Honorable mention -

The rock structure which kept Olga entertained every 7.5 miles at Texas' Palo Duro.

3. Best Performance I witnessed

Kenneth Munk runs 100 km in 6:57, setting a new Danish record at the Copenhagen Ultra.

4. Best new ultrarunner

The story goes something like this: Chris Scotch actually started running in 2009 (he had previously been a mountain biker) and by 2010, he was running ultras all over the country, including the Voyageur 50 mile, which we ran together. He then took 3rd overall at Voyageur Quest. And he runs to raise money for charity. See more at

5. Best graph

The effect of pregnancy on running pace by Katie:

(Yeah, yeah. I admit it: this one has very little to do with ultra running.)

6. Best blog post: Meghan Hicks looks inside herself and questions why she is a runner in "Indurare: the 2010 marathon des sables".

7. Best Interview

Geoff Roes, nearing 100 miles at Western States, poised for the win, is asked "How do you feel, man?" Pregnant, nearly eternal pause, still running, appears to be dying: "I feel great." I only wish I could find the video now.

8. Best Running Songs

Spring: Dance Floor by Apples in Stereo

Summer: Skisser för sommaren by Kent

Fall: Hang with Me by Robyn

9. Best legal doping form

Pocket Coffee - Italian chocolate with a liquid espresso center (thanks, Piccola Pinecone )

10. Pregnancy performer of the year
Stefanie Schocke runs a PR half marathon in 1:35 18 weeks pregnant, then runs PR marathon in 3:31 22 weeks pregnant. Thanks for showing us it's possible, Stefanie! (BTW, she is still pregnant and doing well. Though she's finally slowing down ever so slightly. It's just enough to make me believe she actually is pregnant.)

11. Best book idea - "Running Routes of the World" (oh, that was mine).

12. Longest race completed by person I know

May-Britt Hansen finishes Grand Union Canal Race. That's 145 miles, folks.

13. Best finish - Helen Lavin runs the last mile of Hellgate 100 km in 6:30 and takes first for the ladies.

It only required a little Red Bull and a bloody nose.

Nobody had better tell me that best finish was actually from December of 2009.

The next time you hear from me, I will bore you with pictures of Disney World, and maybe a half marathon race report.


Meghan said...

You included me, and I'm touched. Thank you!

Joy Joy said...

I can't believe I made it to your blog! Best running picture of the year! Hahaha I laughed so hard!


Stefanie Schocke said...

Wow, you ultra marathoners are crazy!!!! :) Don't know if I'll ever join that club ;)

Thanks for the shut out! Honored! :)

Good luck in Disney! Can't wait to hear all about it fast girl!

SteveQ said...

Guess I had to actually do something in ultrarunning to make the list...

Can't believe you added Glaven to your blogroll - that makes it the "strangest addition to Danish ultrarunning blogs."

Katie said...

Wow, my graph made it into your blog! I'm honored to make the list even it had little to with ultras! I can't wait to follow your pregnancy running!

Chris Scotch said...


Great awards! Very funny and even a little informative - a perfect combo! Can I be invited to the ceremony next year? :)

I love the picture of Helen - I don't think I have seen that one before!

Thanks for the shout out and can't wait see you again!