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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Danish: The Language of of potatoes

Today was my first day in the Danish for Doctors course. Yesterday I took a test (oral, written and reading comprehension) of the Danish language to see if I could skip the introductory level. I talked with a woman in Danish for half an hour, wrote something about myself and read a "History and Physical". The instructor then said I was better at Danish than any of the other students in the school, but she couldn't start someone in advanced Danish who had had no formal training. What is more, they aren't currently offering advanced Danish for Doctors. So, she told me to just start in the intermediate class.

There are nine doctors in my class from eight different counties: Nepal, The Philippines, Germany, Holland, Mexico, The Czech Republic, Egypt, and, of course, The USA. I only know a little about their stories.

The woman from the Phillipines said "I'm in Denmark because my husband wanted adventure. In the Philippines, I was a doctor, here I'm a husmor (housemother) without kids. I'm learning to cook, but otherwise I'm bored out of my mind. So I decided to take this course. I would work in Denmark, but I'm sure my husband will want to move again soon."

Then there was the guy from Egypt: "I'm in Denmark because my daughter lives here. She is 16 months old. Her mother and I are divorced. Her mother has lived here for 20 years."

Despite the course being easy, I learned a lot. It was the longest I'd been away from SR in almost 2 months and the longest I'd ever been away from The Lorax. As you can imagine, after 10 hours of absence, he cried his heart out when I walked in. That was because he could smell my boobs. I'm talking about SR, of course.

As for The Lorax, he keeps turning off the computer as I write because he wants attention. He has lately become quite resourceful. A couple of nights ago, he opened the refrigerator and began to feast on curried tofu and noodles.

That is what you have to do as a 10 month old when your anorexic mother wants you to be just like her. I am kidding, of course.

Running Song of the Day: Senegal Fast Food by Manu Chau avec Amadou et Mariam


Danni said...

What a cutie!!!

Bec said...

That final comment was too funny, Sea Legs -- glad to see your sense of humor has made it across the pond!! :) And the pic of the Bois grinning up at you is a classic!

Lisa said...

I love how he forages in the fridge. Put the beer up high. That makes me laugh, toddlers can do a lot of damage in a split second in the fridge, LOL! Question: Woman, Where is your food? I have to jam our stuff in our fridge, fresh produce takes up a TON of space, plus milk, cheese, orange juice, condiments, eggs, beverages, etc. I have considered getting a small fridge for drinks and snacks.

Michelle said...

I do believe the Bois is just getting cuter and cuter as time goes on!!

I am really fortunate my son (he's 2 1/2) has no intereste in my fridge. I imagine he would make one heck of a mess!