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Friday, 5 February 2010

Visit to the doctor (!)

Everyone in Denmark is assigned a general or "practicing" doctor, who they can visit for free as many times as they like for whatever they like.

I had an appointment with ours yesterday morning.

I was in a great mood. I found out the day before that I had a guaranteed salary for the next 11 months (because of getting into the PhD program and some hard negotiation by my advisor). I finally slept great after getting the news.

The purpose of the visit was twofold.

The first was the Lorax's 2 year visit. The second is more exciting, so hang tight.

Here's a shot from the waiting room.

What did I learn about the Lorax?

First he doesn't like having his testicles palpated by unknown Norwegian men. He kept saying "Ow" "The end" (in Danish) and "cookie!" as the doctor tried to find his left testicle. I realized I have been a bit cruel to the Lorax by telling him that a diaper is called a cookie. This is of course not the Danish word either.

Anyway, the doctor could NOT find the left testicle so he referred us to an ultrasound. But last night when I was changing his cookie, I found two testicles again right where they should be, so we slip from that ultrasound appointment.

The second thing I learned is The Lorax's weight and head are disproportionately large for his height. He does have a posture, though, like Quasimodo when he has to stand and be measured, so I lied down and stretched him out on top of me and the doctor measured again. That gave him an extra 3 cm.

The second reason we went to the doctor was for me. It was short and sweet. I thought it would hurt, but before I even felt anything, I got up and looked in the trashcan to see this:

Before I had The Lorax, I went 6 years without a period, so it will be interesting to see if/when I do get pregnant again.

But if nothing else, it is a great excuse to eat well and stay in shape.

I ran intervals on snow trails again and was pleased with consistent 7 minutes for 4 x 1 mile. Mile warm up, mile cool down and then a 40 minute swim.

Well, it's Natali's birthday today. Time to get breakfast in bed ready. :)


RunnerWoman said...

omigoodness! you're going for number two, how very exciting! have fun trying ;)

SteveQ said...

I always think those things should be photographed next to a ruler - we guys have trouble with what size they are.

Just to get the paranoia full steam: there's a correlation between early rapid head growth and autism. The Lorax shows no signs though (SR might, however).

Anonymous said...

Yeah for trying for #2!! I can't wait to hear all about your pregnant running again.

mmmonyka said...


olga said...

Wow. That's a step!

Joy Joy said...

How awesome!! I am so excited to see what you accomplish through your pregnancy. You were such an inspiration to me during my pregnancy! I got pregnant within a few days of "pulling the goalie", within 3 weeks of a 50 mile ultra, and after a year or so without a just never know!

Kate said...

exciting news - best of luck to you!