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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Humor on a Wednesday in March

I considered calling this post "Wednesday Humor" but that would somehow put pressure on me to be funny on more than one Wednesday. That is just too much to ask of a woman who has developed a syndrome - the "I am a mom in my 30's and I am NO LONGER FUNNY".

You're probably thinking "SLG, but you were never actually funny." And you may be right, but some would disagree. You see, in both junior high and high school I was voted "funniest girl" (I was actually just runner up in high school, if you really want the truth). Seeing as I wasn't winning any beauty or popularity contests, I took this very seriously.

But something has happened. And rather than pontificating about whether or not this is an evolutionary phenomenon in women (getting less funny during motherhood) or just a phase in my life, I will simply say that I am grateful to be surrounded by humorous things. And, more specifically, I am glad that I haven't yet resorted to pictures of small animals in precarious situations as my main source of humor.

For example, today I received an email from a woman named Lone Bitsch-Olsen. She was kindly asking hospital employees to move their fucking cars, which were parked illegally.

(No, I didn't make up that name. I also really like using "fucking" without *'s or #'s or even %'s because that is just how unrefined and untalented I have become).

Then, later this evening, I spent 435 kroner ($81) to fill 10 gallons in our almost 11 gallon Hyundai Getz with gasoline. For those who are less mathematically inclined, that is $8.10 per gallon. This is the lowest gas prices have been in the last week and I went to the cheapest station in town at the cheapest time of the day. Okay, okay, it's not funny, but it did make me laugh out loud.

Then The Lorax.

This is actually not The Lorax, but a boy who bears a strange resemblance to the Lorax (minus the brown eyes) with the haircut I would like The Lorax to get on Friday. Christian (Lorax's real name) saw this picture and said pointedly "That is not Christian. That is a tomato." Needless to say, I think he likes the haircut.

Finally, step daughter showed me this video. I admit it is kind of annoying to post of video instead of actually writing something funny (but if you've been paying attention, I'm not funny anyway) - but this is such a classic example of good Scandinavian humor, that I would be amiss not showing it (there are subtitles).

I think the best part of the above video was going over it moment by moment afterwards with SR, both of us laughing so hard, remembering in some way how we fell in love in the first place. I didn't mean it was a smelly ass that made us fall in love, but come to think of it...

Now, please, brighten my spirits - who are some of your favorite female comedians?


Emily P said...

Oh wow, what a great post! I love Christian thinking that that kid was a tomato. Also, I laughed at that smelly ass video, but when I showed Sammy, he laughed FOREVER. I couldn't even believe how much he laughed.

As for female comedians, I think Maria Bamford is hilarious in an uncomfortable kind of way.

Grace in TN said...

Love the tomato comment, too. I have a 3 yr old, so I can totally relate to the bizarrely hilarious things that can come out of their brains.

Well, it may be predictable, but I love Tina Fey. I cannot get enough of her on 30 Rock!

sea legs girl said...

Emily P - oh thanks!! I abosolutely LOVE picturing Sammy laughing FOREVER. You know, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking - why did I post that? (that happens to me after almost every post, sadly) But when I saw your comment (and Grace's, I wasn't so down on myself anymore).

Grace - yes, totally. I have a new appreciation for absurd humor having a 3 year old :). I have heard of Tina Fey - but now I have to admit that I will go look her up so I can be reminded of who she is.-- oh wait, it is coming to me - the woman who played Sarah Palin. Ha, yes! She is great, but I don't see much of her here in DK.

Sandhya said...

What a hilarious video! Laughed and laughed.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

To paraphrase this whole "humorous" post:

parasmalljokegraph (<-- i.e., par. w/ small joke embedded)
parenthetagraph (<-- i.e., Parenthetical paragraph)
Admittedly unfunny paragraph


Hahahahaha! Just fucking with you, slg! I knew you'd appreciate the fact that I said "fucking" and not, e.g., "Lone Bitsch".

I did not watch the video for two reasons: 1. I'm at the library and our bandwidth is FUCKED. 2-and-more-important. I just had my yearly prostate exam and the pose that video is paused at brings back PAINFUL MEMORIES!1! Too soon! Too soon!

My prostate's fine, by the way. How's yours?

Funny Females: Tina Fey; Sarah Silverman.

Diana said...

I know you posted this a while ago now, but I wanted to say that I love, love, love Sarah Haskins. She used to do a bit on Current TV called Target Women. I think you can find most of them on YouTube. I can always use more laughter in my life.