Photo from Mount Royal, Frisco, Colorado.

"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Monday, 23 July 2012

Living Proof

It is hard to convince people that La Crosse, WI is one of the best places in the world to live. I have lived for shorter or longer periods of time in Milwaukee, Paris, Madison, Toulouse, Lectoure, London, Boston, Santiago de Atitlan and Copenhagen and the only place that perhaps compares to La Crosse is Næstved, Denmark. But rather than explain it, it was easier to simply SHOW our weekend guests (and accomplished ultra runners), Alicia and Divesh, what we love.
Divesh, Alicia and me taking in a view of the Mississippi

Me, Alicia, Divesh and SR at Brady's Bluff (photo by college guy). Despite my forced-looking smile, we were having an awesome night.

Me, Alicia and Divesh going down "the darkside" trail in La Crosse's Human Powered Trails this morning.
(proof that we do run with others, have friends)
Alicia at the floor of Hixon Forest, two hours into our run.
This woman was not afraid of our forests. She is from Duluth, clearly.
Blurry photo of Divi, Ali and me on the Bicentennial Trail
We ran for nearly 5 hours and Alicia and Divesh showed me how real trail runners get things done. I was dead. Though how does one keep up with a lawyer and budding salt expert who ran her first marathon at age 12 and a chemical engineer who has finished Badwater and climbed an ice mountain in a battle to "win" Alicia? I learned all too quickly I couldn't compete with them! I do hope they forgive me for all of my colorful language today. I owe them for a hard work out and we all thank SR for being our "capitain de la route".

Taken two days prior while I was standing on a picnic table near the Human Powered Trails. 

I had gone on a 4 hour run two days ago and completely "bonked". It had been ages since this had happened but I had to walk about four miles home. I had taken two Clif bars with me, but I can't keep up with my calories these days of intense ironman training. The day before that was my 2.4 mile swim and the day before that a 60 mile fast bike ride.

"BOB" trail

The Prairie Loop
One can run the above forests comfortably at 105 degrees F, but as soon as you get out onto the Prairie (above photo), the heat is unforgiving.

A view of La Crescent, MN from the Human Powered Trails in La Crosse. 

This guy turns one tomorrow. He loves berries and saying "Nooni" and smiling for pictures. That is why we still call him "El Guapo"

Shandy, Dana, Ivy and Rachel. Four ladies of my sponsored women's cycling team taking a break at the Coon Valley Kwik Trip. 
Yes, so Ivy above is my new best friend in La Crosse and she invited me to be part of the River Valley Cycling Club, sponsored by Brone's Bikes, after we met at a sprint finish at a local bike race. I have been trying for years to get a running sponsor, but with a lack of serious women cyclists in the US, it turns out getting sponsored as a female cyclist is a lot easier. Too bad we're moving to Denmark in just under two weeks!

Here are some pictures from bike rides.
Taken from Hamburg Ridge

Chaseburg, organic farming town

Artistic children Natti, Christian, Andreas and Cora (the latter my step kids' step sister)
Basically, I don't want to leave La Crosse. I have been crying a lot. Tears of both happiness that we have been so blessed and sadness that this time is coming to an end. Work is taking our family once again to Denmark. But we'll be back to La Crosse in one year.

Running song of the day: Ruin by Cat Power

 Despite your greatest efforts, you will like this song. I am sure I am not the first to compare Chan Marshall to Sinead O'Connor, but never has she sounded more like her than in this song. Gorgeous!!


Alicia said...

Yay, a new blog post:) Thanks so much for having us over and giving us such a fun weekend! Capitain de la Route did an excellent job putting together the prime sights of La Crosse trails (and I'm sure you will too next year...;)). My camera is in Divesh's car right now but I'll get it this evening and send you the other photo.

Oh and I think the college kids did a pretty good job with that photo!

Now just hurry up and come back to La Crosse...I forgot to give you your magazines from Helen, so you have to come back to get them.

stillwaterrunner said...

With that training schedule, and planning for a move to Denmark, I would not feel bad bonking once in a while.

Best of luck in Denmark. I look forward to reading about your training there. Will you be back for Afton next year?