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Saturday, 15 September 2012

A PR is a PR, no matter how crappy

I found a route, measured by hand by Danish national (DAF) and international standards, that was exactly 5000 meters. I even asked the race director - yes - he had been there when it was measured and it was a very tedious, precise process.

This is the 48th Saturday in a row Park Run has been held in Fælledpark in Copenhagen. These free races are being held every Saturday in cities all over Europe.

Our route was on a loop of gravel path next the the central hospital in Denmark, Riget (The Kingdom) (- aside: you absolutely have to rent the old Danish tv mini series about this hospital directed by Lars Von Trier - it is called Riget/The Kingdom and is my favorite tv mini series, next to Anne of Green Gables!).

The race, at 9am, was prefect timing on the way to a brunch at SR's cousin's house at 10 am.

So the race and route were perfect. But I wasn't. When we arrived (only 30 minutes to the start), Natti decided she didn't want to watch Christian and Mattias so SR and I had to debate who would run with the baby jogger. Since I was the one going for the PR, he granted me the fast run,

20 minutes to warm up. I could tell immediately it was not going to be "my day". I had no spring in my step. The wind seemed fierce. All in all, I felt fat. But, I am not all that convinced that how one is feeling that day has much of an influence on time in any distance under a marathon. I mean, either you have it or you don't. Or am I wrong? I knew I had it in me to run a PR, but I also knew it would be close given my 1500 times on Thursday.

So SR ran with the jogger. He started out in the back, then passed me and stayed ahead for the remainder of the race. There were no km markers and I was not wearing a Garmin, yet I had a good idea of my pace given it was 3 loops + a little extra at the end (I was wearing a watch - and it was digital!). I ran the last loop the fastest (a sign I hadn't warmed up enough?).

I ran an official "road" 5k PR of 19:36 and won for the women and got the third fastest female time ever on the route. But I was still disappointed.

But not as disappointed as I am right now after breaking my toe! Mattias just pushed an enormous glass jar of jam off of the counter and it landed right on my third left toe.

In summary: 1. be thankful for what you have and .2 I knew it wasn't going to be "my day"...

But it was instead our day

SR, Christian and Mattias collectively take 4th in 18:52.
I wish I could pretend running a 19:36 5k was easy


cherelli said...

That is amazing that SR can run that fast with TWO kids in a stroller, kudos! And well done to you too, those tough days make the easy ones that much more enjoyable, even if the finish is still around the same time! At least your toe was broken after the ironman event I guess, I can't even think what activity you can do, I imagine even swimming wouldn't be easy (or perhaps open water might)??

mmmonyka said...

SR ran 18:52 with a baby jogger? Wow! Of course I am impressed with that baby jogger, I know that it was jogging for SR. I would never thought that double baby jogger can survive that pace.

19:36 should indeed be easy for you. Clearly was not your day.

I am sorry about your toe. How long will it take until you can run again?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your official road race PR! I ran a crappy PR for a 10K yesterday, so I do know what you mean. So sorry to hear about the toe! How long will you have to be off of it? Or perhaps you have already modified your running shoes and are still able to run? ;-)

And 18:52 with a baby jogger! Wow!

SteveQ said...

If I said I loved the Anne of Green gables series, I'm afraid someone would attribute it to my redhead mania, but it's my second favorite, after "The Singing Detective" with Michael Gambon.

I think I broke my third left finger last week when I dropped a rock on it. Not worth an x-ray.