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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Triathlon with Toddler

Today. SR is gone with Christian. Natti was on a camping and canoe trip along the Suså. It was the day of all days to spoil Mattias. What better way than to get out and enjoy the sunshine together?

But first, he was served his favorite breakfast: pancake with blueberries and Ribena. 


We fogged up the camera lens with our love.

And I included proof that he wears a helmet. And uses a pink nuk.  Moving along.

At this point, we had ridden 12km, stopped at a yard sale and bought him a riding tractor (which is in the bike trailer) and he was given a free green bear. I'm otherwise not much for buying small green bears. He would drop it on the way home anyway.

We arrived at the Enø Strand beach and picnicked.

And I realized he needs a haircut, but he kind of looks like Damon Albarn from Blur, so there is no real rush, I guess.
Total resemblance.

Okay, so it wasn't technically a triathlon since we didn't swim. We just waded, threw stones, played soccer and did yoga. Just like Christian, he loves yoga. He just copies what I do until he falls over and can't stop laughing. There is no better place for it than on the beach. It is the only place I can hold crow pose for a decent amount of time. I couldn't convince Mattias to take a picture of it.

Not me, but this is crow pose. 
And this is crow pose. Again, not me.

We looked at potential summer houses.
 We biked back, again 12km and either he read my mind or he loves the baby jogger because he hopped right in when we got off the bike. On to the 5k run...
How did that nice shoe get in there?

Suså river trail

Finish line!

Now what to wear tomorrow to the Farum Sø Løb? (look at all of this awesome stuff from Salomon!)
Yeah so tomrrow is a 14.38 km trail race around Farum lake. How could I ever say no to a race with free babysitting? (I'm attempting to again use it as a training/tempo run and not race it, but we'll see how that goes. Probably after two sets of intervals this week, I won't be able to run it as a race anyway).

Now back to the Duluth furnished housing search. (By the way, you should see the houses the people at Essentia Health are saying we should buy- talk about extravagance! I said we just want a modest place near the downtown in a nice neighborhood- and of course that is way harder to find than a horrid McMansion, unfortunately).

Running song of the Day: Gigantic by the Pixies (in my old band I used to play this song on the base and sing it and it just rocks (heard it on Portland's KEXP last night), but I guess it is an oldie now)


Meghan said...

He is sooooo adorable. So awesome you could spoil him. Wait, are you moving to Duluth? When? Wow!

Sarah said...

I think of you every time I hear that song (you and Melissa played it at some open mic night in high school.) Great song.

sea legs girl said...

Sarah?! Awesome! Whoah. You're still reading along? Your comment just made me so happy. Thank you.

sea legs girl said...

Ahh, Meghan. Where to begin? SR starts a job there Sept. 1st. I'll still have my job in Demark. We're going to be going back and forth even more than now. Duluth will be our new American home base :).

Olga King said...

Love the braid! I am at the same stage now, had been wearing mine last 3 days:)

Liz said...

Aw, he is so cute! I love that your version of spoiling your kids involves spending time together outdoors - my dad is the same way and it really helped develop my interest in staying active and getting outside with the family.

Do you use the same bike when you're with your kids as when you're riding for workouts? I'm in the market for a new bike and would like to get something that's versatile enough for fast(ish) workouts as well as errand running and casual weekend rides. It seems like you do a good amount of both types of riding - any recommendations?

sea legs girl said...

Hi Liz! I don't use the same bike. I actually have four bikes. I know that sounds extravagent, but I'm quite into biking and triathlon, so they have just showed up over the years. I have a Centurion bike that I use with the kids and it is a super nice, all-purpose bike that is not too expensive and is pretty fast when not used with a trailer. I don't even think they're sold in the US, though! I would be clueless there as to an all purpose bike. I had one in the US that I liked that was called a Gitain I think (an old French brand). The two other bikes I have are a Specialized and a Lite Speed (both road bikes) and then a moutain bike SR found in a dumpster.

Liz said...

I don't think four bikes is extravagant, especially not when you actually use them! You're probably right about Centurion not being available here (or at least I've never seen them), but I do have an old Specialized mountain bike at my parents' house that I still really like. That actually wouldn't be the worst all-purpose bike if I could get them to send it to me, but then again, having multiple bikes that each excel at their purpose isn't a bad idea either. Anyway, thanks for responding and congrats on the new race win (and 10th overall - that's amazing!).

Marathon Mom said...

SOunds like a perfect day :) I love how he jumps in the stroller, O does the same thing and I always get asked how I make her do this. Like you I started early and it is just "normal" to her, I get frustrated when moms use their kids as an excuse for them not working out!
Duluth as in MN? Have you found a job too?