Photo from Mount Royal, Frisco, Colorado.

"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Waking up in Wisconsin

And, like that, poof, we are in the United States. I am very good at sleeping on planes, in cars (and have a husband who allows me to do this) so it really does feel like "poof" to me.

 I have been fighting this trip tooth and nail because I am so behind on my PhD work, but I made a promise to SR we would do this and what am I if I can not keep promises? And when I take a step back and look at the big picture, there perhaps is nothing more important than solidarity of the family.

Back to the town I grew up in. In the early 80's it really was all farm lands and prairies. These days, prairie reserves like Nashota Park are among the few remaining holy places for the soul, and the rest is highways, Applebee Country and urban sprawl.

I could have spent all day running with SR here. But as a mom, those days of "all day doing what you want" are so preciously few if they even ever really do exist. Nothing to do but soak up the moments. And perhaps teach your kids to love what you love :o).
6:30 AM Nashota Park, WI
Yesterday morning, back in Denmark, there was a problem with the delivery of some Salomon things I had hoped to use at Superior Sawtooth 50 miler next Saturday. No big deal, right? Well, Kim S. from Salomon thought this was a big deal, so he drove from the Salomon headquarters out to SR's parents' house to deliver my things personally, plus included a bunch of extra goodies.

I don't like bragging. I don't like materialism. Rather, I admire people who respect and are grateful for what they have. The Salomon vest I just received is going to change the way I run ultras. I am so happy that someone out there had that "aha" moment and realized it would be more comfortable to carry liquid on the chest rather than the back. It absolutely is. 500 mL of fluid on each side in soft bottles that don't slosh and you don't even notice they are there. Plus lots of options for carrying food and necessities on the side and the back. A vest like this does not happen by accident.

I have considered carrying more than this 1 L of fluid for the Crosby-Manitou 9.4 mile wildly technical section at Superior. Anyone who has run this before have thoughts on that?

This is the view from the pier at my parents' house. After our run, I swam North Lake Minor (2.5km) while SR, my dad and the boys were out boating. I don't know, I wonder if I'll ever become a fan of swimming over lots of large fish that look hungry for toes. This deep lake (25 meters) makes for good fishing and troves of seaweed that like to envelop unsuspecting swimmers.

North Lake, WI, 8:00 AM

Saying good-bye to Næstved and Denmark is always hard, always makes me cry, even if it is just for a month.

Næstved Harbor, 17:00
Christian  (left) with other blondies.

The wonderful ophthalmology nurses who have helped so much with my PhD.

Storstrømsbro to Vordingborg
The couple of weeks before I left were so busy with work and, you know, baking cakes with Christian.

But I need to thank Kim from Salomon,  Søren from Næstved Rygcenter for seriously fixing my right hip with a combination of chiropractic and active release therapy, Lone for her massage therapy and my coach Ole for daring to make fun of how I run 800 meters and continually helping me learn to run correctly.

There is always so much more to say, but why not just leave it at this for now?

Running Songs of the Day:

Pass This On by The Knife

And an old favorite "Hjem til Aarhus" by På Slaget 12


Karen said...

I saw a lot of front and back loading packs in Europe and thought they were awesome. Not only are things more accessible, it centers your balance a little more too. I'll try one next time I'm in the market for an upgrade.

Anonymous said...

I love the concept of that Salomon pack but I tried one on in a store and couldn't get past the simple problem that I find that clasp (the one to get the vest on and off) really, really hard to do. And if I have trouble doing it while standing in a store, it's definitely not going to work at mile 80. See what you think, and maybe you can suggest to your Salomon buddies that they change the current clasp system to a little clip or something?!

FYI I also tried the Ultimate Direction AK vest--on the plus side, it was lighter than the Salomon one, but on the minus side, the bottle placement was just not good for women! I'll have to stick with handhelds for Sawtooth.


SteveQ said...

I can't sleep in moving vehicles - a Caribbean cruise would be a nightmare! with having to sleep whenever they docked - because as a child I believed that I was going to be intentionally left whenever driven and I needed to memorize the route to get back [did I mention that to my therapist?...]

Anonymous said...

i took a shit today while running. just thought you might like to know...

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy, Great race and great post.

I started into the singletrack right behind you and passed when you pulled off because of the dark. I was hoping you could get enough from my light to stay with me but it was dark in there.

I used the sense ultras in my first 50M and was blown away with how great they were. I used the Sense Mantras this time thinking they would be better on that brutal terrain and longer time on my feet (+3 hrs).

Was happy to see you kept in front all day. You obviously left it all out there!