Photo from Mount Royal, Frisco, Colorado.

"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Pictures, ideas, jokes, songs

Gathering and a touching speech about living with Lupus before the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota's 5k. (on the windiest day of the year)

Christian didn't question the weather. It was his chance to run a race with Mom. He wanted to win.

After 45 minutes, he crossed the finish line. The next morning, he asked if we could run it again. I love him.

But the next morning, I Nanna (an angel from Denmark) watched the kids as I ran on the Superior Hiking Trail. Heaven is yellow pine needled paths.

And subtle hues. I am spoiled to be here! Some of the Northern Minnesota Running Club runners were out, though I really only knew Chris Rubesch.
I started to take off my shoe. Then I decided to take a picture of our entryway (and me) following the wonderful 16 miles.
This is also what it looks like here (a picture I wish I would have taken by unknown photographer)

10 years of yoga and I can finally do a headstand. Me and the couch. Thanks for the inspiration, Angie Bee!

Christian did it on the first try, of course, being a young pup. That very evening he spent a half an hour watching yoga videos on youtube and practicing. He might be more into it than I am.

Christian felt Mattias should also make inversion part of his practice.

View on my bike ride back from dropping off Mattias. Lakewalk, Duluth. Sigh.
Below you can see what I was listening to. Great biking music!

Idea: I'm considering applying to do the 24 hour race in Tempe Arizona, Desert Solstice invitational. Basically, I want to see Pam Smith (again), but I'm also curious what I could manage to run at a race like this. 24 hours- on a track. Sounds actually really tempting! Looking at the past results, I see that Maibritt Skovgaard's 133.1 miles a month ago in Grenaa really was an incredible performance and would have been the womens' record at Desert Solstice.

Maibritt Skovgaard. 133.1 miles in 24 hours, Grenaa, Denmark.Sept. 2103! Photo courtesy of Sparta Athletic Club

Jokes: I am not the type of person who has a repertoire of jokes handy at any given moment. Nothing really wrong with this except at physician job interviews, a classic questinon is "tell me a good joke". I need some new material. Anyone?



Fast Bastard - World's Fastest Hematologist said...

I look forward to reading Steve's joke suggestions.

Olga King said...

Christian hanging Mattias is priceless! I used to do headstand on the fly, and now need a wall - I don't trust myself anymore. I never could do a handstand though! This month in our studio is crow month. Beautiful colors in your header!!!

SteveQ said...

If they're asking you for jokes at a job interview, then they're checking something about your personality and you certainly don't want to sound like ME!

Actually, recently I've been hearing jokes from small children, like: What's brown and sticky?

(a stick)

I could send you material (schtick?), but really it's like my asking you for free medical advice.

FANS 24 hour next June - I'm thinking of making it my farewell race. [Maibritt's 133 would be the women's record and 4th all-time for men there]

Martin said...

A Photon checks into a hotel and the bellhop asks him if he has any luggage. The Photon replies “No I’m traveling light”.

Robyn said...

Okay, I love this joke because (a) I think it's funny, and (b) it's a nice reminder that perspective matters.

A man comes into a doctor's office with a frog growing out of his forehead.
The doctor is amazed. "That's incredible! I've never seen anything like that before! There's nothing like it in the literature! Tell me, how on earth did this happen?!"
The frog replies, "Well, doc, it started as this bump on my ass..."

SteveQ said...

For northern Minnesota:

A game warden sees a truck with a deer strapped across the hood, another across the top of the cab and a bear in the bed. He stops it, sees two guys inside and asks them for their permits, then says he wants to look at the animals, as it seems suspicious.

He looks at the first deer and it's been shot right between the eyes. "That's an amazing shot. Which of you did that?" One of them raises his hand and says, "That one's mine."

He then looks at the second deer and it, too, has been shot right between the eyes. "You didn't bag this one too, did you?" the warden asks. "No, that one's my brother's."

"You guys are great shots, but I'm going to have to look at that bear. Not too many bear in these parts." He checks it over and it too has been shot between the eyes, but it also has been shot through each of its front paws. "What's the story here? Why'd you shoot it that way?"

One of the brothers says, "Well, when we shone the light on him, he went like this! [crosses his hands over his eyes]"

SteveQ said...

A guy's hitch-hiking and no one's stopping. Finally, a truck slows down and the driver calls out "Are you a republican or democrat?" The guy answers "Democrat." The driver says sorry and drives off.

A long time later, another car slows down and asks ""You Republican or Democrat?" "Democrat." "Too bad," the driver says and drives off.

Finally another car comes along. It's a convertible with a beautiful blonde driving it. "Are you a "Republican or Democrat?" she asks. Deciding to change his luck, he says, "Republican." She says, "Hop on in!"

He gets in and they're speeding down the road. Try as hard as he might not to look, he notices that every time she shifts or they go over a bump, her skirt rides up a little higher. He tries to make conversation, but he just can't stop looking. Finally, he says, "Lady, pull over. I gotta get out."

"What's the matter?" she asks.

"I've only been a Republican for 5 minutes and already I feel like screwing someone!"

Anonymous said...

I love your new header photo!

I vote you go with the photon joke:)


maria said...

"What's the difference between a salad and a blowjob?"

"I don't know."

"We should do lunch sometime."

(What, not appropriate for a job interview? They'll find out about you eventually, why not get it out of the way.)

sea legs girl said...

You guys are awesome! It never hurts to have a lots of joke options.

What about this one:

A Higgs Boson particle walk into church. The usher comes up to him and says he has come too late. The particle replies "What?! But there can be no mass without me!"

I think it is a good complement to the light-traveling photon. :0)

Rebeca said...

What's the rudest tree in the forest?


The sassyfrass!

(but I like the photon one best, too.)

Martin said...

When it comes to math skills, there are three kinds of people... those who can count, and those who can't.

SteveQ said...

I as in the pharmacy when a huge bottle of omega-3's fell on my head. I'll be okay, though, I only got super fish oil wounds.