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Thursday, 27 December 2007

32 week ultrasound

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and/or break from work! I had the best Christmas I've had in years and have pictures and stories to follow. I just had to post the exciting news from our ultrasound today. There was concern from one of the midwives about my 11 lb weight gain and my 3cm too small exam measurement (pubic bone to uterine fundus length). Well, we've got a 4lb 6oz baby boy in there now, with his measurements right on the mark for where he should be for 32 weeks and 5 days.

I hate to say "I told ya so," but again, if you eat well and exercise, it doesn't seem to matter how much weight you gain. And all the, perhaps obsessive, exercise doesn't seem to have adversely affected anything.

I promise I'll post more soon.

Running song of the day: Is it You? By Cassie


Anonymous said...

Again, I ask, why would you even chance it?? But oh well...talking to a brick wall. I am just glad your baby is healthy.

Lisa said...

Great job! I guess the baby takes what he needs, eh? Glad you had a great holiday. I hope you can run again soon.

sea legs girl said...

I appreciate your concern. I actually don't believe I'm taking any chances. I'm doing what I believe is healthiest for me and the baby. Even though the amount of exercise I have been doing and the amount of weight gain are considered outside of the normal range (at least in our current culture), I feel great and have every reason to believe the baby is doing just as well.