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Sunday, 9 December 2007

The Two Blonde Goddesses

I went shopping with Sealegsmom yesterday for baby things and found myself nauseated by the world of pastels and cheap baby stuff, most likely all made in China. Nothing against China, but is nothing of good quality made anymore? And if so, where do you find it? Not at Babies R Us, I guess.

Am I the only one who wants to puke when they look at these "bambino paradises"?

All that being said, there is a lot to do (and by that I mean buy) before the baby comes. SR is worried that all of my nausea is a "rebellion against motherhood." But it's more complex than that. There are many baby things I have found that I like, but there is something scary about arranging the details of little C's life. What if something goes wrong? It seems the more I buy, the more attached I will be and the harder dealing with a loss would be. But SR made the great point that it would be devastating no matter what we buy.

Beyond that, though, it would be nice to get used things and wait for the baby shower. And there is an inherent danger in saying "I like dinosaurs" and then ending up with dinosaurs coming out your ears after getting all the shower gifts. But, there are some items I have found that look really nice.

- Jardine changing tables

-Bundle me by JJ Cole

-Diaper bag by JJ Cole

-Baby Bjorns

-Graco carseats

-Arm's Reach Co-Sleepers

-Deuter Kid Comfort II (baby backpack)

I haven't found the ultimate baby jogger and would love recommendations if anyone has experience with them.

Oh and speaking of running, the hip is much less painful now! I am going for more physical therapy and another chiropractic adjustment this week and I can't wait. Perhaps we will get to run a bit in Florida next weekend. And it seems my running fate is now resting in the hands of two beautiful blonde sisters who live in my town: my chiropractor and my yoga instructor. The goddesses of health and femininity in my world. They have taken a genuine interest in me, for some reason, and I am grateful that they are committed to healing me and getting me running again. Granted SR calls them "boobular and ditsy." But with their help I continue to bike, swim, elliptical and do yoga every day.

Oh, and speaking of boobs, we had an exciting incident last night! I'm sure you're wondering where I'm going with this. Well, after we had sex, I actually started to leak milk. I'm thrilled about this since it means I shouldn't be unable to breastfeed.

Finally, I am so happy for SR. He won another 5k race yesterday. I unfortunately didn't see it since I was out of town. But I know it was around 0 degrees F. And now he's done with his hard rotations for a while, so we'll be able to spend more time together. We're both so happy about that. It's time to get ready for baby, now, I guess!

Running Song of the Day: To the Sky by Maps


Lisa said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. You'll be running again before you know it, perhaps slowly or shorter distances but I think you'll be out hitting the road. Those crib sets are LOUD. I, too cannot stand the themes and colors for baby decor. Always remember, you'll walk in there at least 3 times a day, you'd better like it or at least it's tolerable. Great job to SR! I bet he was a blur.

Olga said...

In Russia we never buy ANYTHING untill the baby comes. It's just that. I know it's different here, but it always freaked me out.

Congrats to SR on the win, and be careful with your SI joint. A couple more months, and it'll be over. time flies, trust me:)

(naar) Zwitserland said...

Just go for the Ikea babyfurniture, cheap and longlasting, 3 kids, 3 Ikea rooms, crib is still going strong after 10 years , although empty...

notjustamom said...

That's great news that you are better!

When your baby reaches the sitting up stage, you might consider an LLBean jogging stroller. We have one, I loved it. (my 4 year old is getting too big for it now) I also took it "off-road" and did a lot of mountain trails, even off-trail up the sides of wooded mountains, it had a smooth ride and was easy to push.