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Friday, 29 February 2008

Mystery rash solved

And the culprit is:
(sorry about the poor quality photo... It says Top Care Panty Liners )

Yes, I guess 2 weeks post-partum is not the best time to try out a new brand of panty liners. SR and I went in together to see our midwife about the rash. She took a long look at the perineum and said it had to be a maxi-pad. She wondered if I used Always pads because I guess she has seen these reactions to scented Always pads pretty often. Strangely enough my pads were unscented.

She and the ob-gyn doc on call prescribed me clobetasol 0.05% cream. The night before the appointment, the itching was so incredibly bad that I was up almost the entire night crying, trying not to scratch it. Of course Christian only woke up briefly that night.

The clobetasol has helped quite a bit but I'm still losing a little sleep from the itching.
Taking baths helps, too.
(Christian contemplates his older sister while older sister contemplates our nudity)

The lochia has actually stopped, except for when I run under 9 minute miles, then it shows up again. Running still feels great and I think other than making the perineum a bit more sensitive, it wasn't the cause of the rash. So that's a relief because running makes me a happy mom. And I think that's a good thing for the bois.
Running Song of the Day: Boing by Nik og Jay


Lisa said...

Oh, Yuck! No more generic panty liners and evidently no more Always either. You poor woman. Glad the running is working for you. Throw those out!!!!

Meghan said...

Sheesh. Nothing about your pregnancy or birth wigged me out more that this story. I'm SO glad for you that you're getting things figured out and are on the road to rash healing.

Stories like this are really telling about the levels of toxicity that exist in the everyday products that we use. Some people's bodies tolerate toxins (to a certain point), while others' bodies don't. But, clearly, the toxins are out there.

Continue to feel better, Sea Legs!


sea legs girl said...

The rash is finally getting better. Today was the first day I didn't have to scratch myself in public. All those chemicals wig me out, too, meghan. And they didn't even list the ingredients on the panty liner box ... and the company that makes them doesn't have a website. So who knows what ingredient incited it. Going back to the days of using a rag would be better than this!

olga said...

Glad it solved and almost over...Christian looks like a big boy in the last picture!!