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"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Monday, 3 March 2008

La Dolce Vita

Little Christian and I are having a lot of fun these days. This morning we slept late and then listened to some music.

While Christian was being passed around by teenage girls at the YMCA daycare I ran 9 miles at an 8:30 second pace, which is much faster than my pre-pregnancy daily runs. After that we went to the pool. He fell asleep to heavenly pool sounds while I swam. I'm so happy to be feeling like my non-pregnant self again. I always thought women inevitably said good-bye to their previous body once they had their first child. Well, this just doens't have to be the case.

And many people say you'll never get your old life back again once you have a baby. Well, all I know is I'm still leading the same life, I just have a little baby I am in love with and I'm actually a lot cleaner now that I've got him and the babysitter to clean for.

And SR and I are getting excited about our wedding coming up in less than 3 weeks! We had a lot of fun last night just laying on the floor and laughing, much like when we started dating almost one year ago, but now there's a little baby laying with us.

This Thursday SR's parents are coming from Europe and we've got a lot planned with them and the kids. It will involve frequent visits to indoor water parks, which will be fun. They are wonderful grandparents and I can't wait for them to meet Christian.

On Friday night, SR's ex wife suggested she and her girlfriend, we and SR's parents go out to dinner. I'm trying not to let my mind ponder the strangeness of this too much as there really is no other option than to go along with it.

I did have a dream last night, though, that my ex-husband invited my parents and me and SR to dinner. We were at this country club my parents love to eat at. The lights were a soft yellow and my parents and my ex-husband were laughing and joking with wine glasses in their hands and rosy cheeks. SR was looking down at his empty plate.

It was a bad dream and I guess I just don't want Friday night to be like that.

Anyway, I gotta get ready for work.


Lisa said...

SLG, sometimes I do things with my step daughters mom. For example, if she has a Cooks World party or something, I'll go. It's no big deal, we're not opponents...we all have the best interest of the kids involved while trying to live a happy life with a partner we love and can live with. I would not suggest attending a dinner with your ex, however....I truly think there will be drama. LOL! Is your dream saying that your parents enjoy your ex's company and maybe you are worried they still like him more than SR? Well, I had that problem, too. My in laws told my DH right in front of me "We liked her! Why did you have to divorce her? We didn't have a problem with her! We are having trouble getting used to Lisa, she is not like Ex Wife." I nearly died, and never really forgave them for that and more.

Glad your workouts are going well, I still cannot believe you are back to work so soon.


sea legs girl said...

Oh, gosh Lisa, I can't believe your new in-laws said that! But I guess it's only natural for everyone to feel like that about the one who got dumped (especially if they liked them and knew them well). That's how my dad acted at first. But less than a year later it's amazing how much they like SR. And, of course, my opinion is what's not to like about him. Hopefully your inlaws will let themselves see the all the things to like about you.