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Thursday, 4 September 2008

A Closer Look at Palin

When I heard that John McCain had chosen a female running mate, I was excited. I love the idea of a strong, intelligent woman with a family being a political leader. I was ready to like her (I'll try to leave my political beliefs out of this).

Then I read a couple articles in the New York Times and I became very concerned. This woman does not believe in global warming. Now it is one thing to debate about how and where oil should be obtained from, but it is another to stare such abundant scientific evidence in the face and make the blanket statement that you don't believe it. What will the future of the planet be in the hands of someone who bases their decisions on belief rather than scientific evidence?

But what is scarier is her interest in banning books. At a Wasilla, AK city council meeting she mentioned a list of books that she was interested in banning. The head librarian said that she would resist any attempts at censorship and Palin had her fired. Please see for the full story.

I guess it is her single-mindedness that frightens me.

In other news, running has been going well. But I'm getting really nervous about our 10 hour triathlon relay on Saturday. I took the big plunge and bought goggles. I guess I'm getting serious.

Running Song of the Day: Id Engager by Of Montreal


Olga said...

I guess it's in the air, since I don't do politics, but 2 of my friends filled me in today. You know what they pointed out in general about "play of words"? Pro-choice and pro-life. Why not Anti-choice and Anti-life? It's either one or other, one of them needs to use the real word.

SteveQ said...

Very successful women in politics tend to be very conservative - think Margaret Thatcher. They seem to think they have to be twice as tough as the guys and that leads to some extremism. Banning books is always a bad idea; when I was at Purdue, you had to get permission from the Psych department to read Marquis de Sade!

Song of the day: Journey to the Featherless by Cloud Cult. One hour until I drive up to my first 100 miler!

Abbie said...

I'm really impressed with your researching capabilities. How do you do it? Do you look at footnotes or just put in what you're looking for to a search engine? I was never too impressed with McCain's choice. But that's a whole long story that we could go on for hours about. I'm definitely Obama which I'm sure surprises many as I am also Mormon and I think people tend to think all Mormons vote Republican. But I'm here to tell you they don't. :)

Danni said...

Based on what I know, Palin's views make me shudder. She seems like someone I'd love to know, despite her "beliefs," but the notion of her as Pres if McCain kicks off makes me want to cry. I hope they are not elected.

Lisa said...

I am elated a woman made it this far. I liked Hillary and I admire Palin. I don't have to agree with her. I like her strength and confidence. I wonder if she really believes those things. She has to say those things to appeal to the far right, and not the moderates like me. Moderates like me won't jump all over her for not thinking *just like us*, but those on the far end will hammer on her if she doesn't.

Hey Abbie, I live near the town of Manchester NY (birth of Mormonism for the rest of you). Have you seen the pageant?

Michelle said...

Did you do the 10-hour tri, SLG? How did it go?

Also, I really like your new pic! You're glowing!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile and thoroughly enjoy it!

This is the first time I've ventured a comment, but thought I would post a link to this Newsweek article, just to pose another side to the Sarah Palin argument.

I agree with danni...Palin seems like someone I would love to know, but I disagree with most of what I know about her politics.

I think it would be great if Obama and Palin were forced to run together. A black President, a woman VP, both very compelling and intelligent figureheads. It would be mighty interesting to watch them hash it out and be forced to come to compromises in decision-making!