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"Children are fascinated by the ordinary and can spend timeless moments watching sunlight play with dust. Their restlessness they learn from you. It is you who are thinking of there when you are here. It is you who thinks of then instead of now. Stop. Let your children become the teachers and you the student" - William Martin

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Friday, 14 November 2008


I finally received my Danish "green card." It's printed in my passport.

I have, until now, had trouble believing that this move would actually happen. And then when I learned my passport was lost last week, I thought my suspicions had been confirmed. But now that I have my opholdstilladelse, it's starting to seem real. That and the fact that our apartment is basically empty (or in boxes ready to be loaded onto a large ocean-going container).

I'm not nervous. I'm not sad. I feel like I did before The Bois was born. Like I can hardly wait for a wonderful new phase of life to begin.

Running Song of The Day: Now by Mates of State


Danni said...

So exciting!!! I'm really hoping you blog all about Denmark. Inquiring minds want to know thins like -- is it really dark in the winter? What's the coffee like? Do they eat a lot of unusual (to Americans) fish items? And, I knew you'd get your papers in time.

olga said...

Congratulations! Definitely exciting!

Michelle said...

That is very exciting!

I personally love change, but my poor hubby hates it. There have been many times I've tried to coax him into leaving this area, but he doesn't want to budge. :-(

Can't wait to hear all about the move when it happens!

olga said...

And I had become an American today:)