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Monday, 3 November 2008


We're going to be in Walt Disney World until Friday night. My favorites as a kid were The Carousel of Progress (Magic Kingdom) and the China exhibit (Epcot Center). I'm excited to see what the step-kids will like. I'm also interested to see where my early morning run with baby jogger will take me...

You can expect a full report upon our return. In the meantime, go vote!

Running Song of The Day: Dui Bu Qi Xie Xie by Eason Chan


Danni said...

Have fun! My mom grew up in Daytona Beach and until recently my grandma was still there -- I've been to WDW a gazillions times and it never gets old! I've also run the Disney Marathon (no not in TNT :p) and enjoyed "drinking around the world" at Epcot -- a drink in each country. (Yeah I really am over age 30 I swear).

Jenee-O-Rama said...

As long as you're there, you should go by the Gaylord Palms resort. It's part of the Opryland family of hotels, and it is spectacular. There are live alligators (someone from Gatorland comes to feed them at 6 pm), and the architecture and design is something to see. I used to work there. ;)