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Saturday, 4 July 2009

17 months - and I can't stop breastfeeding!

It should be easy to just stop breastfeeding, right? The Lorax is almost 17 months old. I am tired of being in public and having him slap my boobs, cry and then reach his little tan hand down my shirt. Plus, as far as I know, the health benefits of breastfeeding beyond 1 year are few, if any.

So, why exactly is it that I just don't stop? Despite efforts to taper down (going 24 hours without when I am on call) over the last few months, my boobs have continued to make the same amount of milk. And the longer I go between breastfeeding, the more painful it becomes to run and swim. So I just keep breastfeeding.

Last week The Lorax went to summer camp for three days and two nights. I thought it would then be easy to stop. Three days without breastfeeding. The milk production should stop right? I fed him once when he got home, hoping it would be the last time. But no, the milk production continues!

Is there a way to stop and still be able to keep running? If not, how many days does the pain of full boobs last? Has anyone else out there had the same problem?

Happy 4th of July to the American readers!

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Phat Girl Slim said...

When I stopped nursing the painful boobs lasted maybe 2 days and then settled to a dull ache. It was completely gone within a week though. You could try getting a REALLY supportive sports bra to wear in the mean time. Or get one a size smaller. You could try wrapping them while running maybe? It's one of those things that you're just going to have to bite the bullet and do. It will pass.

Brianne said...

The WHO now recommends breastfeeding until two. I'm sure the American Academy of Pediatrics is not far behind (Health Canada is already on board.). They believe there are still benefits to be gained. I stopped at 12.5 months for many reasons, but I have many friends who continued to two and beyond. So don't feel bad that you haven't stopped yet.

As for the pain, well, I don't know. I had her down to 2 feedings near the end and then finally one. Fortunately she didn't seem to notice and neither did my boobs:)

Abbie said...

Man, I wish I had had that problem. Mine dried up before I wished. Maybe baby number two will be luckier.

sea legs girl said...

Thanks for your thoughts! Strangely enough, after I wrote this, the milk supply basically dried up. Must have been an after-effect of the 3 days without feeding. But thanks for the suggestions, Phat Girl S.

Brianne, that is really interesting about the WHO. I couldn't find their exact recommendation, but see they have a huge systematic review linked from their website showing the myriad benefits (cognitively and disease prevention-related) of breastfeeding. Cool!

And Abbie, I do hope the boobs cooperate next time. But don't worry; it is clear you are a wonderful mom.

Heather said...

WHO recommends to 2 years old

APA recommends a MINIMUM of a year,

From what I read, you just have to deal with the painful boobs for a week or so when weaning

Kate said...

Congrats on making it as long as you have. I'm a late commenter, so it sounds like you've maybe gotten the pain thing figured out now. I went down to a morning session and night session at 12 months and then had no pain stopping at 13 months. But I guess it depends person to person. Others say put cold cabbage leaves in your bra to ease the pain.

mcd137 said...

Cabbage leaves do seem to help.
Congrats on this transition. I had to stop earlier than I wanted to (radiation for my eye and wasn't comfortable still breastfeeding). So I am glad it is a positive change for you.