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"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Friday, 29 January 2010


That word never sounded so good. But let me back up a bit.

On Wednesday, I got what seemed like a great email from the research administration at the hospital I work for. 250,000 kr. awarded to my PhD project so I could by the retinal camera, computer and imaging software I need. But, oh, there was not enough money for my salary, starting in, um 5 days. The hospital I work for recently learned they had to cut back on spending. So I could buy all the equipment I could dream of, but I just couldn't expect to actually work for the hospital anymore. Well, isn't that nice?

I went to the head of the Ophthalmology Department, who, by the way, is the best type of woman anyone could hope to work for: funny, honest, caring. Anyway. She felt terrible. It was, after all, the department that had asked me to start this huge project. It is by the way a population study of 6500 adults. So she scrambled to find some paid work for me. I ended up with a little under part time work for next month. I am really hoping that all of the funds I have applied to recently will result in me getting my salary paid for after this month.

But in the meantime, I am a free woman! Well, sort of. I can use this month to get into great shape, learn how clean a cook (these have always been overlooked in my insane busy schedule), work on research on the side whenever it pleases me, read some good books, go to yoga more, etc. Plus every day this past month has been a huge struggle to drop off and pick up the kids on time, not to mention taking them to their multiple weekly activities. SR working an hour away has really made life more difficult.

Ahh, but now things look a bit different. So many possibilities. What should I do with my time? I am starting by going to the dentist. No better way to start a month than with a teeth cleaning. Life is good. I don't know what is coming next, but I am happy.

Running Song of the Day: Memphis by PJ Harvey (yes, thanks again, Danni... this was also one of my old favorites!)


Olga said...

Holly molly...sometimes unemplyed is a blessing, especially when you're pretty damn sure you'll be back in a bit. It's like sleeping in on an official rest day while tapering as opposed to oversleeping due to overexhaustion. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Helen said...

I have no doubt you will still be insanely busy - but doing fun stuff!! Don't worry so much about the cooking and cleaning... focus on the important stuff :)

Carrie said...

I know how much you like to work, but I hope this shows you how much you like to enjoy doing the other things you enjoy as well :) Hope that sentence made sense.

Mapp said...

Glad to see you seem to be able to keep your good spirits! Funny how not having a job can be a mixed blessing. I find myself in the same situation, and sometimes, it really stresses me out to be jobless, and some other times I think it was just meant to be so that I can spend more time with Malo!
Anyway, enjoy the free time while you have it, and let's hope you'll find some more funding soon!

Helen said...

I meant to also say the other day - I love the new photo on your blog heading!