Photo from Mount Royal, Frisco, Colorado.

"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The heavenly parts

I think my last blog post focussed too much on the difficulty of Hells Hills and too little on what a good experience this trip was.

Here is the Katy House B&B, an amazing find in little Smithville. The former house, office and OR of the town surgeon. Bruce and Sallie have transformed it into a wonderful place for out-of-towners to stay and meet. Here is their website, if any of you are interested in staying there in the future.

Here is downtown Smithville, an old railway town (KT line: Kansas-Texas), turned into Antiquer's paradise.

SR, being European, loves big American lawns with palm trees, like this one in Austin.

At the race check in the night before, we walked around the trails a bit. We learned that wild flower lovers travel here from all over Texas to see the state flower, the bluebonnet, the magenta phlox and many others I don't know the names of in bloom. Who would have guessed Texas would be so lush?

The most beautiful thing of note in this picture is, of course, me.

Here's the beginning of the race day. Not only am I nervous about the race, but I'm also nervous about meeting Olga for the first time. I like this picture a lot because we are both tilting our heads to the right while smiling and happen to be exactly the same height. Who knew?

Happy running after the sun came out (I'm considering paying for this one).

My soon-to-be-champion husband.

By the end of the second 16.66 mile loop, Olga is looking happy and relaxed.

And I am surprised to see how happy I also look.

I think the girl sitting in the background is Meredith, who I have also gotten to know through this blog. She was volunteering! Thanks, Meredith. Sorry if that's not you.

A final moment of rest and good-bye to SR before the last loop. He is, as usual, fulfilling his duty as my manservant.

And the end! 9 hours and 42 minutes running and not a spot of dirt or blood on me. Amazing!

The ladies' "podium":
From left to right, Olga in 2nd, Juliet in 1st and SLG in 3rd.

One other heavenly part of our trip, was the wild love between these two brothers, Big Guy and The Lorax. Sometimes there are, after all, some other wonderful things in life besides running.


olga said...

The Big Guy looks exactly like his dad! Did I mention SR has a slight accent? Very sexy. It was wonderful, wonderful to meet both of you, and sorry we couldn't continue on the evening. I was hoping we would be able to, but the boys showed up so early, they were all fed up with tending to me and wanted to go their own merry. And I am so ridden by guilt by now, I am trying hard not to overstep their patience:) Glad you had a good trip! This was the best time to be picked for a visit to TX. And can you believe it's been cold-ish here since the race??
p.s. I am stealing pictures.

cherelli said...

Great pics! Well done :)

sea legs girl said...

Olga, go ahead and steal pics! It's hardly stealing, by the way. And I guess that's another thing we have in common: finding SR's accent sexy :).
We loved the trip. Thank you! And completely understand about the boys. After we ate, we went to bed at 8, so you didn't miss too much excitement.

SteveQ said...

Thought I should mention: I'm writing my chapter for your book. It starts well, then just trails off - just like me in races!

Helle said...

Hi Tracey
I am one of your regular danish readers. Lots and lots of congrats to both of you. I enjoy your writings very much. I even considered writing a chapter of a Danish running trail for your book?
But i am no ultra-runner. Just enjoying my training.

sea legs girl said...


Great to hear from you! You know, I am wondering what your last name is since I am curious if we have met at a race before. It would be so wonderful if you would write a chapter for the book. You are definitely not required to be an ultra runner to contribute!

Helle said...

Hi Tracy
I haven't realy done any racing the last years, because I got sick 3 years ago - and very slowly. My last name is Høstrup. My blog is
But I keep up the training anyway :-) And I hope to run the Copenhagen Marathon in May. This will be my first in years. And my slowest. I used to to be pretty fast: M 3.20; ½M 1.27; 10K sub 40; 5K sub 20 - but that was in another life :-)
Okay what kind of chapter would you like me to write? Specific trails or areas? I lived many years in Århus and ran so much in the woods and on the beaches around there. Now I live in Birkerød an run in the woods here (Rude Skov).
I love the pictures from your race

sea legs girl said...


You WERE fast, but what an even bigger challenge to get back into it (though a fun challenge, I hope!). I look forward to following your blog and seeing you at the Copenhagen Marathon.

As for the book chapter, a personal story about running is the most important thing, the actual trail you chose is less important. The story should just be based around a trail you have run on or currently run on.

I can see you have absolutely no problem with English, but if you prefer Danish, you can also write it in Danish (but then you would have to deal with me and my husband as translators, and that could be dangerous!)

Helle said...

Hi again, Tarcy
I am sorry, I have been away. I have been extremely busy.
I would love to write a chapter about my favorit running trails in Denmark. Are there any deadline? I will try to write it in English - then I can leave the editing to you :-)