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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Preview of the best book about running routes of the world

And the only book about running routes of the world. At least I think so. I googled "book about running routes of the world" and the first thing that comes up was something called sealegsgirl and thought to myself, so this probably is the first book of its kind.

The deadline for sending a rough draft to me, if you would like to contribute, is Saturday, May 1st. Please send me something by then, even if it's just an email saying you've been really busy, but you'll get to it soon. Helen, I know you've been battling the volcano, so you have an extension :).

The people who have already sent me something have been a huge inspiration to me. First, I received a beautiful poem from John from Montreal. That's when I seriously started imagining my own chapter. Then I received a rough draft from Steve Q. This was inspiration enough for me to actually start writing my chapter. Next, I received this amazing picture from Martin. He is from Denmark, but took it while in Spain. You have to look at it closely to appreciate how incredible this shot is. He is a professional photographer who is not only contributing something in writing but also photography. I'm not sure which photo he will contribute, but he just sent this one to me to give a taste of the kind of work he does. Since that time I have started including visual aids in my own chapter. It is amazing how creativity begets creativity. Also, the concept for Leslie's chapter (that's Piccola Pinecone) really fascinates me. Even SR has started to write his. Let me put it this way: everyone who buys/loans/finds this book will be in for such an enjoyable read.

Since I just talked about talent, I will just say that, though many of you may think you're not talented writers, you might surprise yourself by how good of a story you can write about a running route that means something to you. Writing my chapter has been such a heart-wrenching experience. One night I was sobbing at the keyboard to the extent that SR had to pull me away. But I made it through the emotional roller coaster and have written the whole chapter and now I just need to make it better.

So, what are the rules of contributing? Well, I kept saying it just has to be a personal story about a running route. And this is true. But then I broke my own rule: mine is actually about two running routes, but I have a creative reason for doing it that way. You may also contribute poetry or art or photography, as long as it somehow depicts your own relationship with a running route! (Aside: I heard on the radio the description of a story that would NOT be acceptable: this is a book written by a 23 year old Norwegian girl about a "fictive" girl who keeps a diary about her obsession with the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. Even if she were to go on a run at some point in the story, this just would not do. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you should not write something that could be used as a national park brochure.) Back to the point. Your contribution may also be that you KNOW someone who would be perfect for contributing to the book and that you put them in contact with me. Or maybe it's just finally time for you yourself to become an author (or artist)!

Here is my email address:

And here is a recent family photo, unrelated to this post, but demonstrating a high level of enthusiasm on command.


PiccolaPineCone said...

so, are you sending out previews of your chapter to inspire us writer's-blocked contributors? if so, you know where to reach me.
p.s. thanks for your diagnosis of adhesions on my blog (don't want to violate the rule about blog author having more posts than the reader by posting this there). adhesions as a diagnosis make a lot of sense to me.

SteveQ said...

I'll have to go back to my chapter: I don't remember it as being very personal - more descriptive.

olga said...

If I don't get it (or email to confirm) to you by next Wed, then I am out. Life is just way too busy right now.

sea legs girl said...

Ha ha, Piccola. Should have never mentioned the rule :). Sure I'll send you the very unfinished product (my chapter). But only because you're so fast.

Steve, no, no. You don't need to cry or anything while writing it like I did. It just needs to be a personal perspective and yours is. But you're the author, so it's all up to you.

Thanks Olga. If you are REALLY intersted, I'm sure the publication of the book can wait for you, but then again, I don't want you to feel pressure to fit it into your schedule. So, yes, no word by Wednesday means no Olga chapter.

Anonymous said...

Weee, I am also extremely busy. Thought I would have finished a chapter by now. Is it okay by next weekend?
Does it have to a single running trail. Or could it be a running area, with different routes?

ImogeneL22211 said...

越來越多人看你的部落格 要繼續加油喔 ..................................................

sea legs girl said...

Helle! I had to laugh at the "weee" :). Of course you can write about an area. Brings up the good point that most people do think of running in an "area" and not on a specific "route". Next wedensday is fine. I'll be looking forward to it.

ImogeneL22211, How nice of you to stop by.