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Friday, 18 June 2010

Dealing with fame

Dealing with fame is notoriously difficult, but if you're someone like me and you're not actually famous, fame is just plain fun. Deserved or not.

Above is a clipping from the front page of our regional newspaper yesterday. I heard about it from many people during the course of the day, but we're not actually susbcribers, so I was glad when Henriette's FATHER scanned it for me. What a guy! I was so frightened that it would be an ugly-grimacing photo. But I think I ended up looking strangely like the Lorax, but with a chemotherapy Buff on.

Well, let me first translate it and then explain why my fame is undeserved.

"'Sea Legs Girl' (yes, you can read my real name right up there, people) was Denmark's Relay's fastest woman.

Fastest woman at the Relay:
Næstved: SLG was the fastest woman to cross the finish line when 1,777 runners whipped through Herlufsholm forest and over The Suså in Denmark's Relay. She came through the 5km run in a time of 20:12. The fastest he-runner was Peter Munch Larsen in spikes, noted to have a time of 16:07."

Well, I of course wasn't the fastest female runner and Mette was. She showed me her Garmin and it said just under 19 minutes. But for some reason all of the times after the 1st round were off and in a stroke of luck (a mistake), I was given all the glory. And how glorious it is. That is, if anyone actually cared about that kind of thing :).

Just for fun, here is a great photo of our friend, the afforementioned fast Peter in spikes. Just imagine how fast he could have run had he actually tried ;)! (Note the reaction of the crowd.)

We're getting excited for the marathon on Sunday. At this point, I'm mostly stressing about my music. It is a bit wack how important my music is to me in a marathon.

Anyway, here's one new song that will be in the mix:

"Baby Lee" by Teenage Fanclub


olga said...

Dang, another marathon already! I am a big fan of Lady Gaga lately for intervals. Enjoy! May be you get anotrher newspaper mentioning:)

sea legs girl said...

I could not agree more with you on Lady Gaga for intervals. I am not sure about marathons. But I will give it a try (I am finding a few more of hers at this very moment). My rule of thumb is just make a really, really long play list and something is bound to sound just right if you skip through enough songs. Yes, it's a complicated flow chart, I know.

Larry said...

I prefer Nick Drake for intervals. Just ask Olga about what's on my iPod. :)

Anonymous said...

Fame is cool! Can I get your autograph? Great pic.

mmmonyka said...

I have never used (and probably never will) music for intervals, only sometimes for longer runs and I usually listen to audiobooks, which makes me slow down, so I do not have any suggestions...I am never bored on my runs.
It is a trail marathon you have on Sunday?

sea legs girl said...

Thanks Larry. Well, it probably won't be surprising when I say that SR already loves your Nick Drake suggestion (after I played just one song). On first listen, sounds like good music, but too slow and folksy for a race for me. But perhaps it will surprise me.

Brooke, yes, it's probably a good idea to get my autograph now before I'm too wrapped up in the things famous people do. You know, like drinking lattes with other famous people.

Mmmmonyka, yeah, it's a trail marathon! :). And as much as I do love books, I'll probably abstain from listening to one during the race. I actually frequently go on light runs with the New England Journal of Medicine podcast and, yeah, it doesn't make me run faster, let's put it that way. What's your favorite audio book?

SteveQ said...

Completely unrelated: 3 great moments in Danish science: 1) Tycho Brahe has his nose bitten off in a bar fight. 2) Johannes Fibeger gets a Nobel Prize for "finding the bacterium that causes cancer" and never returns it when proved wrong. 3) Sea Legs Girl finds that Body Fat Analyzers cause neuroses in their operators.

olga said...

3:45 for 4th place. Hey is that your picture on the web again? :)

sea legs girl said...

Olgs, are you giving away all of my secrets here? There is a report coming, of course, don't worry. That woman in the blue shirt sure does resemble me, but I was in red, so must be a wannabe SLG. They're everywhere.