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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Stuck in Chicago

It's the kind of thing you see on the news: 2 kids and a mom stuck sleeping in the airport due to cancelled flight. Well, okay, actually only The Lorax fell asleep in one of our large bags of luggage. We flew in from Orlando to Chicago last night and learned our flight was cancelled, with first opening on another flight in two days. And I had no phone. I thought about posting something on Facebook or this blog, like, come pick us up, someone!!

But SAS ended up giving us a hotel: The Hyatt O'Hare, where I finally moved all the kids and baggage to by midnight. For a pregnant woman, the stress of a half marathon, which I ran earlier in the day, was nothing compared to moving six bags and two kids up and down multiple flights of stairs. I got to the hotel and just started barfing. I then got ahold of my dad, who is picking us up today. Luckily they are just an hour and a half from Chicago. SR continues to enjoy sunny Orlando at a conference :).

Here are some pics from our great trip, though:

There are many more, but the kids are up now, so gotta get going!


Ewa said...

If possible I try to avoid Chicago transfers: snow in winter, nasty storms in summer.
Hope the weather improves soon for you.
Puking no fun - the things we women go through for our kids even before they are born. :)

sea legs girl said...

Thanks, Ewa. The ironic thing is it wasn't the weather in Chicago. It was the weather in Copenhagen, if anything. I never actually got an explanation but all other flights were going out of Chicago.

And Chicago is simply not avoidable (I wish!). It has one of the only 3 direct flights to Copenhagen in the US. And our families are located in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

But we're all fine and back at my parents - and that's what's important.

Stefanie Schocke said...

Ah too bad I didn't know, I could have picked you up! O'Hare is about 35-40 min from my house! Weird that it wasn't the weather in Chicago since it's been snowing a lot since Friday.

Can't wait to hear about the race and Orlando!

mmmonyka said...

Treat it like two extra days with your family.
Can't wait to hear about your Orlando trip!

cherelli said...

Glad you finally escaped Chicago - I look forward to the half marathon RR and hearing about the Orlando trip!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't run, but your blog is very interesting. Do you and your family use bicycles for commuting in Copenhagen?
I also have a comment, for what it's worth, about your 9 year old daughter. My oldest daughter was always pretty trim growing up, until the summer before 5th grade (around late age 10). All the sudden she got kind of chunky, in fact I had to buy her "husky" jeans at the start of 5th grade.
Our pediatrician told me to just ignore it and to say nothing to her about her weight. She said some girls just have to put on some extra weight before they start their growth spurt, and it's part of their natural growth pattern. She was right. By the middle of 5th grade, my daughter grew several inches but her weight stayed the same. She is now 18, 5 foot 6 inches, and about 120 pounds. My younger daughter stayed thin, but didn't start her growth spurt until age 14. My younger daughter is 15, about 5-5, and probably weighs only 100 pounds. Ironically, she eats more than her sister, but she is still growing.
Just thought I'd pass that on.
Lynne in MD

sea legs girl said...

Thanks a lot for the comment, Lynn. I think you are right that it is not good to focus on the exact weight - we are all built differently and grow at different time, as you point out. Natali is definitely focussing more now on the importance of what goes in her mouth - and that has resulted in simply better eating habits and us stressing less about the whole weight issue.

sea legs girl said...

We actually live in Næstved, an hour outside of Copenhagen, and use bikes a lot for getting around town - it's quite safe and perhaps the most common mode of transportation. But we can also just walk. It's not that big of a town. But even when we go to neighboring towns, we can bike there safely.