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Thursday, 16 June 2011

The 2256 gram baby

No, no. He's not born yet.

Today was finally the day for the ultrasound. For those who are new here, I fell off the normal growth curve in terms of fundal height in week 32 of pregnancy (I measured between 25 and 26 cm to be exact). It was the general consensus of the blog readers that I get a scan to make sure the baby was growing right.

All week I was fielding questions: "Are you sure you have your dates right?" "You can't be 33 weeks" "Can you lift up your shirt so we can get a better look?" (that was actually a woman and not a man ;)). Then yesterday we went to a hospital birth preparation meeting with women who were between 30 and 32 weeks pregnant and SR was like "why do you look so tiny compared to everyone else??" So, I was starting to worry a little. But in reality, my ego was inflating more and more, though with a nagging sense of "what if??"

So at today's appointment I got to talk with an Obstetrics attending. It was nice just to see "attending" (overlæge) on her name badge. She hinted it was a bit silly that I get a scan since it is probably just me and the way the baby is sitting (I couldn't help getting the feeling - like the true socialist I am becoming - that "I don't deserve this scan"). But she scanned away, right there in her office. Gotta say I was surprised when she started getting some measurements that were bigger than expected for my due date! I had never imagined that. I suddenly started wondering if I had my dates mixed up in the opposite way. But, no. He came out measuring almost exactly average for the 33 week 5 day old baby he is at 2256 grams (that's exactly 5 lbs!!). Okay, so in my limited experience average is HUGE! The Lorax weighed 6lbs when he was born at 39 weeks and 1 day. And little Finnbjørn is almost that big right now!

Needless to say SR and I are relieved. And if he were born today, he'd be an ok weight. But I'm starting to wonder how easily the "little" guy will come out on the big day.

Now I know why I am vomiting up nearly everything I eat. (and why I seem to get gastronenteritis, of sorts, every time I run) There must simply be no room for him. I woke up this morning with excruciating heart burn. My stomach must be the size of a cheese ball right now. It has meant absolutely NO running or activity of any kind after lunch -otherwise lunch all over clothing and sidewalk, etc. And all of the pressure in my pelvis has turned my legs out so that my toes point away from each other at a 90 degree angle. Despite how silly this looks, and the intestinal issues, I continue to run, which is still a big source of happiness for me. Here is how the last week looked in terms of exercise:

Thursday: 1 hour pulse/core pilates, 2 hour run
Friday: 1 hour run, 1.5 hour bike, 45 min swim
Saturday: 1 hour pulse/core pilates, 2 hour run with SR
Sunday: 2.5 hour run with SR
Monday: 2 hour run
Tuesday: 1 hour pulse/core pilates, 2 hour run
Wednesday: 2 hour bike ride, 1 hour run

The only thing I wish I could change is I wish I could swim more, but the swim club we belong to is only open 1 hour most days and it is hard to get it to fit into my schedule. Plus, there were holidays on Sunday and Monday, so the pool was closed. Soon the ocean will be warm enough to swim without a wet suit (mine is, as you can imagine, much tighter than intended).

A 5k relay is coming up this Sunday (Danmarks Staffet), which I am running with ladies from my athletic club. It will be great to open up my stride a bit and try to run fast. I'll give a full report, I promise.


Marathon Mom said...

Glad you got the scan and everything is looking good :) Somuch better with the piece of mind knowing.

Meghan said...

Phew. I'm glad everything is turning out well. Take care!

heather said...

Wow, great news! Thanks, Danish Healthcare System (and you got to see a real doctor, too - amazing.) So glad baby is doing well, and that you are still running despite discomfort. 2 hours a day, wow - are you run/walking at this point, or still running the whole way? As for 5k's and running fast, please define a fast pace at this point? I (not measuring in any way small - nor is little dude) felt like I was FLYING the other day, looked down at my garmin and saw 5:54/km. Yeah...

olga said...

I had no doubts. He can be born whatever time now (but better not quite yet). Now go for a run:)

SteveQ said...

I just checked my stats and you're the #2 all-time referring site to my blog, 150 hits behind "Shut Up and Run." You're 350 up on her this month, though, so you should be #1 in about a week.

Take your first places where you can get 'em, I say.

Grace in TN said...

Not just relieving news, but great news! Take care of yourself and try to relax.

sea legs girl said...

The sad part is half of those hits are SR and me :). I should look at those stats for my blog. Sounds fun.

Did someone in your church really speak Klingon?

Mapp said...

Glad everything is OK! Actually, after reading your last posts, I went to check what my own measurements had been for Petite Boule, and realised I had been WELL below what's considered to be normal... although he was born at 3.3kgs, so pretty good given I am only 5'1! I am glad I did not realise at the time I was off the charts, and that my midwife was super relax about it!

my other, unrelated comment : still wondering how the h*** you manage to fit 3 hours of sports in a day, especially as the working mum of a toddler... I certainly can't... so what's the secret?!

amy said...

Happy to hear all is OK! Your workout schedule makes me feel lazy and out-of-shape.

sea legs girl said...

Mapp, my maternity leave officially started at 32 weeks, though I'm still catching up on a number of things, so I'm not quite done working. Also, my work schedule is/was often from 12-7 on weekdays.

sea legs girl said...

Heather, I think I define a "fast" 5k at this point as anything less than 30 minutes, especially on this course on trails and with a set of stairs. I give you credit for even looking at your Garmin. I gave up on that at like 4-5 months. It was too depressing. I think I walk about 1/4 of those two hour runs, to be honest.

Kirsten said...

Happy for you!!! I knew it!
And so what if you look like a duck when you move.....hmmmm, never seen a running duck.....

Jacqueline said...

SO glad everything looks good!

S.A. said...

Wonderful news!
Every body carries a baby differently- I gave birth to a huge baby and despite being on the petite side (5'2") even full term I never looked really, really pregnant, you know? Whereas some people I know by 40 weeks just look huge and comical. I suffered from severe heartburn as well. I pretty much only consumed fruit and protein powder shakes and Rolaids for the last trimester.