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"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Thursday, 23 June 2011

32 - A rather lonely birthday

I believe this is the first birthday I've had without any live contact with a family member. But it has been strangely enjoyable.

I guess the celebration started last night when I went to dinner at Frederiks Have in Copenhagen with a few (hopefully this is nerdy enough for you people) MD, PhD ophthalmologists. Have I mentioned you need to have an impressive cv to eat at the same table as me?

Then, the real treat, the 12 mile run in torrential rain. For once I wore my Garmin, so I knew exactly how long the whole thing took and the distance. It took 3 hours and 1 minute, but I almost felt baptized afterwards. How does it feel to feel baptized, you ask? Well, like it is going to be a good year. My year honestly never starts January 1st, but always on my birthday, June 23rd.

This year I'll be the mom of another little boy.
This year I'll work 10 hours a week.
This year will be spent half in Næstved Denmark and half in La Crosse, WI.
This year The Lorax will learn English.
This year I will get to know my stepson Andreas again.
This year I will set a PR in the 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon.
This year I will complete an Ironman (well, that might actually be in August next year)
This year I will win Voyageur.
This year I will become slightly less effective at evacuating my colon.

Okay, okay, okay. I know I won't win Voyageur. But beat my 9:43 from 2009? Definitely.

Here I is, just baptized. I don't know why I don't look wet, but trust me, I am soaking.

Wider from the sider.
And here is the birthday present SR bought me, along with birthday money from his parents. They just don't know it yet (Thank you!). A bike for every day. The child seat needs to be added, but otherwise she's ready and fast. My old bike was terrible, but don't get me started. Okay, DO get me started - you had to pedal backwards to break and that resulted in me almost dying at least 15 times when I attempted to use the broken hand break. And it was SO heavy that I couldn't even keep up with The Lorax.

(No, I didn't run over those bags, I just set them there, okay?)
And WHAT on earth is that sitting in the freezer? Nope, no mashed potatoes there. It is extremely fine-ground, very cooked cauliflower mixed with egg, tomatoes, zucchini and pasta (whole wheat pasta - anything else is crap). The soy sauce is yet to come. Ahhh! Now you all know what I like to eat for dinner - but it changes every night. This was just my birthday rendition.
So all of this was fine and good, but it was not quite the same as...

Oh, dear, I am starting to cry now.

Want to give me a birthday present? Well, you guessed it: I want a running song suggestion from you! Please! Or just a hello.

One more thing. Just because you will love it (thanks, Magnus).


olga said...

Hello. I like your dinner dish, sans the pasta. I eat tomato/bell pepper/spinach/mushroom saute, add egg to it.
Happy birthday to you.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! I like your new bike. :)

Julie said...

Happy Birthday!!

I don't know if you like hard rock or not..but my favorite running song right now is "Country Song" by Seether.

Love the pics of the kids playing, just adorable! :)

Mapp said...

happy birthday, and... gros bisous (I am French, I can do that, even to somebody I have never met in person)!

olga said...

p.s. did you know you're sharing a birthday with Devon?

cherelli said...

Happy Birthday SLG!! What a wonderful year you have ahead..that crawling video is crazy - a total example of just how far the mind can override the body's warning signals, here's hoping your ironman finish is a little more "celebratory"!! (Oh and if I come to dinner, can I just eat at the kids table? i think I qualify there...though i do only speak one language... :) )

Diana said...

Happy Birthday, SLG! I've had long runs like that in the rain before. Feels amazing afterward.
I don't ever run with music, but I'll suggest something nonetheless. Entropy by Bad Religion. I cleaned my house last week while listening to all their old albums. Good for cleaning floors. Perhaps also good for sprinting?

mmmonyka said...

Happy birthday SLG!!!!
It will surely be a good year!

Ross said...

Cults - "Go Outside"

Happy Birthday!

pernillesarup said...

Tillykke tillykke.
I celebrated my 30'iest birthday all alone on a field trip collecting flies and lab working till 10 pm where I dropped in at my favourite Italian restaurant and had pasta with avocado. On Tenerife. Actually, I think is it one of the birthdays I remember most accurately.
Although, having to go without your family is a though job, we’re lucky to have such beautiful families to miss.
I don’t think we share running music though... I’ve never progressed from Ramstein.

heather said...

Well, hello! Happy birthday! for long slow runs I like "Impossible" by the Shout Out Louds. You can also never go wrong with Moby.

sea legs girl said...

Olga - I actually think of you almost every time I add the pasta, thinking you'd disapprove. But it adds something oh so nice! I think Devon's B-Day is the 22nd??

sea legs girl said...

Cherelli, I thought you spoke Canadian and Australian. Those at least almost qualify as two, don't you think??

sea legs girl said...

Ross, Heather and Diana, thanks for the songs!!

Pernille - if only you knew how much I sang "Du, Du hast, Du hast mich" in real life. I guess I haven't gotten over them either :).

SteveQ said...

In the photo at the top on the right, SR looks just like Vincent Van Gogh!

2007 Scandinavian song:

SteveQ said...

1977 (recorded in 1971) my secret favorite song to run to!

SteveQ said...

Right now (guilty pleasure):

Happy Birthday, SLG!

PiccolaPineCone said...

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!
You look amazing! Your baptism sounds sublime!

olga said...

I don't disapprove, I just won't eat it myself. I don't carw what works for others, just what works for me:) So, eat away!
I am also a big fan of dark (over 70%) chocolate with either fine grinded nuts or berries.

Grace in TN said...

Happy Birthday! You will have to celebrate again when you are reunited with family :).

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like it will be an exceptional year for you and your family!

Kirsten said...

Really liked your list - sound as if you're going to have a terrfic year.
The last point....less evacuating your colon.....interesting ambition........;-)))