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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Faxe Calcium Mine 8.4 km Run

Alien-created calcium circles - centerpiece of the Faxe Calcium Mine
Yesterday SR and I were out on a 60km bike + 8k run with Kim and Stig from HG Athletic (part of my specified training from Ole for the Mallorca ½ Ironman) when Kim mentioned he was the director of a race in the Faxe Calcium Mine today. Trails, stairs, beautiful views, prizes, not to mention calcium, were all mentioned by Kim. SR and I found ourselves unable to say no - just a 20 minute drive from Næstved and with Natti excited to earn babysitting money, we were set.

1. We left a bit early to run the 4.2 km loop once before the race. Here are some pictures from our test loop. As always, I was so happy we knew the route before racing it. The course was very well marked, but it was so nice to not have to think about it.

Nice, huh? Neither of us had been to Faxe before. We were very pleasantly surprised. Sometimes the best races are well-kept secrets. I'm hoping by writing this, I can help get the word out, though, since I know Kim is interested in turning it into a bigger event. This is the second year it has been run.

At the start area, the 110 registered runners gathered. I was looking for Mette Bøgard, who did not show up. SR was worried about Kenneth Kirkeby showing up- and he did.

SR ended up having a neck and neck, all out battle with Kenneth, some of which I had the pleasure of viewing from afar. In the meantime, I enjoyed an evenly-paced, fun tempo run, mostly all alone. I ran the first 2km drafting off of the 3rd place guy in the headwind section and pulled ahead, the increased my gap while powerwalking the hills. (Olga, I will always think of you when I do this)

And on the second round, I took this last killer hill a bit faster, not as afraid of the lactic acid buildup. SR was there with the camera, after his sprint finish.

And on through town to the finish.

SR just barely beat Kenneth, running in 30:45. I took 1st for the women and 3rd overall in 37:57. (It was hard for me to not get excited about an 11:30 course record for the women, though I don't think this time will be hard to beat if the race is larger next year. SR's may be a bit tougher to beat.)

Do I even need to mention that hat?

We won trophies which stay with the winner for a year and are then passed on to the next- with all years' names engraved. We also each won 150 kr. gift certificates to the sports shop, Sportigan, right on the square. With that, we bought a soccer ball, electrolyte mix and 5 pairs of running socks. Thank you so much to Kim, Anette, Stig and all of the volunteers and fans out on the route! What a great morning!

Something to put on your calendar for next year?

If you're looking for where to surf next, check out the race updates/results from:

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DDitlev said...

Congratulation to the both of you! :) Hope this means that your leg is feeling better!

sea legs girl said...

Thanks D! Yeah, no pain in my leg today. I was so happy. The piriformis stretching exercises that SR does on my leg have helped SO much. Wish I could run Hammer Trail...

mmmonyka said...

Looks gorgeous!!! And you look good running.

I want to do Mallorca half next year thus I expect a detailed race report here after your race:)

Olga King said...

Good form there! :) Congrats on the tempo.

sea legs girl said...

Mmmonyka- how awesome you will be doing Mallorca next year. You will do awesome there. Any chance you could get in with the elites? I promise a full report and you are always welcome to write with questions.

Alicia Hudelson said...

Two course records and wins, not a bad weekend for Team Lorax! Well done guys.

In one of the photos of you running up the stairs, I love the woman in the pink jacket looking at you like "Wow, is she really running that fast?!"

Katie said...

Congrats! You guys are one of those power couples. ;) Also, you look great and the course looks beautiful!

Jaxson Corey said...

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