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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Message from an eating disorder counselor

I have been reading your blog and a licensed counselor who treats women with eating disorders (and a competitive athlete), i have been really concerned about your eating/exercise habits during your pregnancy. remind yourself that there are others of us out there who are having difficulty getting pregnant and to see someone who was so lucky not take care of themselves is VERY hard to observe.

Thanks for the concern Allison. I have been doing my best to be the healthiest I can be during pregnancy!

Initially my fear was gaining too much weight. Anyway, with all of the exercising (shown in many, MANY studies to be healthy for mom and baby), that's not what's happened.

I gained the pound back from yesterday and more. It was probably just dehydration from skipping dinner.

My body is still in control... I have been waking up nearly every night hungry (despite going to bed full) and go eat something. So last night I preemptively ate more and that seemed to work.

And I do have to wonder why so many of my readers are so concerned when I've received nothing but positive feedback from my healthcare providers and reassurance that the baby and I are healthy. I have the impression from them that I'm doing perfectly as far as exercise and weight are concerned (and I've seen 3 different midwives).

All that aside, I wish you success getting pregnant! I have never been so happy in my life and I know very well how fortunate I am. I still see this pregnancy as a miracle after not having a period for six years! I actually got my period back after eating fish nightly for a couple weeks. Could be a coincidence (since I fell in love around the same time), but I do wonder if this shouldn't be recommended to athletic women who don't get their period.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

P.S. Olga, I've been eating papaya like a crazy lady, but my urine hasn't turned red yet... what gives? :)


Michelle said...

I don't think anyone here has anything against you exercising during pregnancy. I think exercise is a very good thing. But the problem I have is that, before, you didn't want to eat enough to replace what you've lost during that exercise and support the growing baby. You were basically trying to starve yourself, and that is where my issue is.

But heck, if you're eating more now, more power to you.

olga said...

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right for you will be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do and damned if you don't" (Eleanor Roosevelt)
That's about "why so many of my readers are so concerned". BTW, a licensed counselor could spell a bit better...but taht's a side note. We are human, and many times we have envy. Hopefully, we can overcome it in most rather than few cases. And learn as we go. And support others, whether we agree or disagree. Nothing is more important in this world than a kind word and a heartfelt hug.

Not sure about papaya thing - may be it was my whole diet around it during runnign a 100 miler? I heard that time it was quite normal, but couldn't find it now on the 'net.,3923,552451|Carica%2Bpapaya,00.html
I suspect what I had is the enzymes in papaya that help breaking down proteins may have caused muscle breakdown, myoglobinuria and a mild Rhabdomyolysis (although I had none of other symptoms).
It seems to be good for so many conditions. However (first time I saw it) it had caused minor contractions in some pregnant lab animals. Monitor and may be lay it off once you're closer to term.

allison said...

Um, Olga. I didn't spell anything wrong. I did omit the word "am" before licensed therapist but who cares? Ironic that you'd pick on me for that when you just had a typo in your comment.

Anyhow, I wasn't trying to criticize Girl, just expressing my concern. Exercising 5 hours a day during pregnancy would not be indicated by 99% of medical professionals. Exercising while pregnant is VERY important. No doubt about that. But it's also important to remember during that 9 months of pregnancy that the baby's needs come first. There is a whole lifetime to exercise. Why risk anything during such a crucial time? And for what it's worth, there is no jealousy here. I am happy for Girl. I know that I will get pregnant. I am just worried because I work with patients all day with the same mindset as her.

Michelle said...

Olga had more than one typo, actually. Funny how that works. LOL.

olga said...

I have an excuse - I don't speak English:) But I agree, I take what I said back and apologize.
Lets keep this comment space for comments to the post? Peace.

Anonymous said...

Sea Legs,
Correct me if I'm wrong. I don't think I have read on your blog that you dont eat...
I've only read that you wish to stay active and healthy through out your pregnancy and limit your weight gain to a reasonable amount that is right for you & baby. And it being your first time(pregnancy) your learning(as we other mothers have)with each month as you grow. It's not set in concrete-you've never done this before and who knows what will be as time moves on. I don't get what everyones freaking out about.Your only writing what your thoughts and ideas are for the moment.
It was fun reading your blog peeking in watching a couple so in love and with this little one coming. Now all of this has taken the special away from your blog. Let all of the critics comments go and write again whats in your thoughts.. Hugs to you and I myself appreciate the fact this is all new to you.
Coty (mother of 4-grams to 5)

Meghan said...

Hello Sea Legs Girl!

If I had just a moment in which I could speak with you, I would say:
"Keep your head up. Remain happy. Keep your confidence. Do what feels good. Continue be a healthy pregnant woman. Keep learning as you go."

If I had just a moment in which I could speak with the commenter Michelle, I would say:
"The manner in which you tried to instigate an emotional reaction from Sea Legs Girl with reference to her pregnancy and your lack of pregnancy is not the behavior one would expect from a trained counselor. I would instead call this behavior transfered deconstructive guilt and I wouldn't try to create such emotions among anyone in the population, let alone a woman you don't even know.

If I had just a moment in which I could speak to any of this blog's readers, I would say:
"We all are gifted to have but a glance into the life of this interesting woman, Sea Legs Girl. None of us know the whole story of her life, the whole story of her running abilities and interests, or the whole story of her pregnancy. It would be fitting, then, if none of us felt compelled to pass judgment on her based upon the tidbits of knowledge we acquire from her blog."

Have a nice day, everyone!

Meghan said...

Uh oh, I made a mistake. :)

I believe that Allison was the trained counselor who commented, not Michelle. Please accept my apologies ladies. :)

Anonymous said...

put stuff on a public blog, except commentary and opinions.

The End.

Lisa said...

Hi, Sea Legs Girl.

I feel concern, not regarding your activity, but instead the low blood sugar you experienced a week or so back during workouts. I hope you get plenty of calories, protein and calcium. 5 hours a day seems like a lot, but I'm no professional. I'm probably wrong, but I feel that your OBGYN is a better resource than the midwives.

I admire your commitment and drive. I believe that you are capable of overachieving in many areas of your life-career, interpersonal relations, workouts, and I also think you are blessed with a 'step-mom' like relationship with SR's kids. I am a step-mom to an 11yo girl and it is very rewarding.

I will end with this: My mom had 5 kids. We're all healthy aside from some allergies and #2 was breach. She gained only 12 pounds while pregnant with me(5th) and basically peed it all out before leaving the hospital.

Lisa said...

Well, I saw this and thought of you.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with Lisa, this is a great article for you to read.

sea legs girl said...

Is it possible? I ran across the article Lisa posted a link to AND posted an entry about it before I read these comments... wow! Thanks everyone. I understand many of your concerns and have taken them to heart. And I am touched by all of the words of encouragement and simply happy that you get some intrigue, if not enjoyment out of the blog.

Anonymous said...

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