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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Something maternity

Just got back from a hot date with SR at the hospital cafeteria. We both had our favorite menu item (the garden burger) and talked for hours about death, religious traditions, antibiotics, etc. And I got lotion rubbed all over my body in the call room, which doesn't happen every day. A perfect date considering the location.

In other news, yes, we did go shopping for maternity clothes. I have been averse to this idea for some time now. There is just something about maternity clothes that says to me I've stopped caring about how I look, and I'm proud of it.

My wonderful aunt sent me $50 to buy, as she wrote, "something maternity." And once SR saw this, he got quite excited about a shopping trip. You see, my aunt as well as my mom and her other sister fully embrace their femininity and have a keen sense of how to do just the right feminine thing at just the right time. Clean, potpourri-scented homes, pants with pleated waistlines, geraniums on the porch and meat loaf on a kitchen table of love are just a few examples. This seemingly genetic sense of womanliness was not passed on to me. And maternity clothes are just another accessory in the life of the perfect woman that I fail to have a desire for.

So as you can probably guess, I wasn't as excited about my new wardrobe as SR was. But finding pants I could wear to work comfortably was a necessity. We started at Macy's where they informed us they didn't have a maternity line. At which point I thought I would have an excuse to just buy large "normal" pants. But they pointed us in the direction of JC Penny's. Certainly not the epicenter of fashion in my mind, but there was no way out now.

While I was busy cringing, SR picked out about 10 pairs of pants and brought them to the dressing room. I will point out that it is virtually impossible to find size small or size 4 maternity pants. So six out of the ten he chose were immediately out. And one of the four left had vertical stripes on it. SR fondly referred to these as "clown pants" but was still hoping I would try them on.

Anyway, we did have a lot of fun. And we found a pair of jeans that I really do like. Here's the pregnoid me in mat-pants:

I just need to find some work pants now. There is apparently a Gap maternity line on-line that isn't too bad.

So we ended up not going out of town at all, being so wrapped up in maternity shopping and wanting curry from the local Thai restaurant. And to end the night, I cut SR's hair for about two hours while we watched Notting Hill (SR's favorite romantic comedy). The next morning we spent 3 hours in bed having sex and admiring each other. Not a bad couple of days off.

And I'm gaining weight faster than planned. But that is okay, though obviously it's making running harder. The pressure on the bladder and bowels is intense. Apparently Paula Radcliffe also ran like a mad woman through pregnancy. She has a diary on-line and there is a nice article I just found about her in the NY Times. Here's a quote:

“As far as I know, no one has ever done what she’s done,” Pivarnik said.
Here is an internationally competitive athlete, at the pinnacle of her career, who continued training during pregnancy at a level most runners who are not pregnant would find daunting. For the first five months, she ran twice a day, 75 minutes in the morning and 30 to 45 minutes in the evening. Then she cut back, running an hour in the morning and riding a stationary bike at night.

Okay, so I'm no Paula Radcliffe, but I'm proud to say they can't get away anymore with saying "no one has ever done what she's done," at least as far as the training goes. Though I'm sure she did run faster than me. Here she is now looking beautiful and happy:

And here's the link to the article:

And just for fun, I thought for the first time I'd post my stats for the week:

Running: 82 miles
Swimming: 4 miles
Biking: 20 miles
Daily yoga/core workout

Yes! Week 26 begins and I feel great!

Running Song of the Day: A Sorta Fairytale by Tori Amos

P.S. Just realized that two of my readers referred me to the above article after I read it & wrote about it! Thanks Lisa & Coty!


olga said...

Go, Paula! I mean, go, SeaLeg Girl! :)
Love Thai food, and happy for some lotioning...pants look funky, agree, I never had those, but do believe they are comfy for work. Your training is so great, I think we will have you doing an ultra about 3-4 months after giving birth...what do you say? Just sharpen up some speed, and ready to go:)

Run Forrest said...

Old Navy also has a decent maternity line. Not so frumpy as others. I also liked Motherhood Maternity. Their lines were much more fashion forward and didn't scream "I am full with child, therefore I must dress like one!" I had more luck there when shopping for clothes to go out for the evening in or for the office. FYI: Beware of the low rise maternity pants. They are fabulous for up to second trimester or for right after baby when your belly is still poofy but they suck for third trimester. I found they kept sliding down the bottom slope of my belly. It sucks to have to walk around town with one hand on your waistband. The full front panel is best for the last few months even though they aren't the sexiest.

Lisa said...

What a cutie! Those pants are the bomb. I want to comment on your blurb about femininity. You had stated something about genetics and ease with domestic tasks, but I need to point out that those skills and talents are not instinct, but instead are learned.

My greatest struggle right now is balancing career and personal life. I learned how to make a house a home. I learned how to not wreck chicken in the oven. I learned how to throw together (yes, heaving tosses!) a meal that tasted good and was acceptably nutritious. For all you women with high-pressure professions, I hold my glass up to you.

Great job on your training! You've got so much drive, I bet you race to the moon. Are the kids excited about the baby? Are they helping decorate the baby's room? I've found in step-parenthood to include the kids makes the unit feel very family-like. I try very hard not to just 'live around my step-daughter' because it is more important to them than you think.

runrunrunrunrun said...

Another article of interest.

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