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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Email from Sea Legs Mom

Yes, got an email from my mom today that made me feel more than slightly guilty. She is concerned because I told her the midwife I am seeing advised me to gain 1lb a week from now on:

I can certainly see that you are at a crossroads and will have to make some changes. I was not at all the perfect expectant mother, I should have exercised MORE. But, I always put you first, and made sure that you had an abundance of nutrition. - Sea Legs Mom

This made me feel terrible. What started out as what I perceived to be a healthy challenge (not gaining much weight), has turned into a source of concern for everyone around me, myself included.

So I ate quite a bit the last 5 days. And didn't weigh myself, thinking the weight would just come on naturally. But I was almost a whole pound lighter today when I finally stepped on the scale.

Never in my life did I dream I would have this problem. Usually weight is so easy for me to put on. But with my busy schedule and the terrible heart burn (and, yes, a crazy lingering fear of gaining weight), I guess I just can't do it.

Honestly, I have no fear that the weight will come, though. Things have just been a bit crazy lately with our work schedules. And SR and I have hardly seen each other. I actually had to skip dinner last night so we could go to bed together early before his 4:30 wake-up time.

He is over sleeping at the hospital right now. I miss him.

Thursday night and Friday we are going to a nearby state park. I can't wait.

I will leave you with a quote I heard yesterday on NPR (from a wise woman with a beautiful, androgynous voice):

There is nothing more than a human story. - Maya Angelou

Running song of the day: Gabriel by Najoua Belyzel


allison said...

um, you are worried about gaining weight and then you skipped dinner? how does that make sense? anyhow, i am so happy to hear that you are trying to eat more. i have been reading your blog and a licensed counselor who treats women with eating disorders (and a competitive athlete), i have been really concerned about your eating/exercise habits during your pregnancy. remind yourself that there are others of us out there who are having difficulty getting pregnant and to see someone who was so lucky not take care of themselves is VERY hard to observe.

Michelle said...

Yes, Allison, I agree.