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"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Friday, 25 April 2008

Postpartum diet & fitness

Today was a GREAT day. It was raining so I decided to do some treadmill running.

Now 11 weeks postpartum, I ran the fastest mile, 5k and 15k I've ever run. And it was not even in a race.

mile: 6:30
5k: 21:23
15k: 1 hour 8 min 29 sec

So the 5k was in the middle of the 15k and the mile was at the end of that 5k.
Okay, so it's not that fast, but it is fast for me, the "spiritual runner."

I think the secret has been having slow run days and then short, fast (tempo) run days. And also taking at least one day off of running a week, where I bike and swim.

The other secret is weight loss. I'm down to between 115 and 116lbs or 5 lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight. I've lost nearly 3 lbs in the last 10 days. Here's what I'm eating:

3 bowls of oatmeal
3 lefse

Diet root beer
1 bowl of oatmeal

3 lefse, each either filled with tofu or fish, sprouts, tomatoes, ketchup and mustard
1 acorn squash
1 bowl of oatmeal
1 frozen yogurt shake

(there are minor variations in there)

I exercise around 2.5 hours a day.

(The Bois is in 2 hours of daycare a day, less if I take him in the baby jogger. I'm working 2 nights a week and 1 weekend day a week. He is with SR while I'm working. We have a babysitter cover for the sometimes 1/2 an hour overlap before SR gets home on weekdays. We're so lucky he gets to be with one of us almost all of the time.)

And yes, I do love oatmeal. Oh and my blood pressure was a nice 86/59 at my IUD placement appointment today. That was obviously before the IUD was put in. Man, the cramps were terrible.

We went to a triathlon class tonight and we're quite excited. We're doing our first tri in June. Competition is fun. And a half marathon is coming up next weekend. It's great to be able to compete with people in a healthy and socially acceptable way. So, ladies in my town, bring it on!

Running Song of the Day: Hvor længe vil du ydmyge dig? by Danser Med Drenge
(this song has soul. Here's the u-tube (blurry) video with translation under more info.


wannabe grower said...

Wow. Who are you? You're exercising 2.5 hours a day and eating that, have dropped that much weight that fast and are proud of it? Hellllooooo eating disorder!

Someone directed me to this blog yesterday because of the idiot move you made with your baby in the bike trailer -- which scared me more about how you wrote about it, which really didn't read like "I was so scared and don't make this mistake" as much as "ha hah look at what we did, oops!". So I don't know you, I'm a total stranger, feeling perfectly comfortable in my relative anonymity telling you that knowing people like you are out there SCARES THE CRAP out of me.

They trust you to administer medical care to other people? That terrifies me. I'm sorry.

sea legs girl said...

Wannabe grower... wish you could spend your time making YOUR life happier rather than criticizing others. That's a big wish on my part, I realize. A far bigger wish would be that you could make a positive impact on others.

The Bois and I are going to enjoy the beautiful day outside now.

I wish you the best. Though I can't say I'm looking forward to more comments from you if they're like the one above.

P.S. Please read the note below the post you are referring to.

P.P.S. I feel great. My goal weight is 114. I'm almost there. Looks like the diet will be over next week. :). Yeah, I'm proud of dieting and succeeding. No doubt about that.

Michelle said...

I won't lie, Sea Legs. I am jealous that you are so speedy and thin! I have always been a "big" person (thank goodness I am tall, too!) and I have never been skinny, although when I was younger I could lose weight easier. But I do exercise five days a week and have been running for 18 months (although I am positively SLOW compared with you!). I know once I hit 30, losing weight became much more difficult and frustrating! Stupid aging!

Enjoy your sunny day with that sweet little boy!

sea legs girl said...

Thanks for your comment. The Bois is breastfeeding, so I thought I'd respond. I have been on the bigger side (not tall :)) in my life. I was a chubby kid. And 3 years ago I actually weighed 20-25 lbs more than I do now. Our society sets people up to be overweight (not saying that you ARE). It absolutely does take obsessiveness (or some metabolic derangement) to be an adult female and NOT have extra weight.
Hey and I was the second slowest mile runner in my junior high.
Anyway, I post what I do because I've found something that works for me.
Hope you enjoy your day and weekend, too!

Lisa said...

Sea Legs, what is a 'lefse'? At first I thought it might be like Wasa flatbread, but now I think not. Okay, that much oatmeal I think I would die. Perhaps I would explode with all that fiber, LOL! We have a local grocery store (Wegmans) that has a program promoting healthy eating and the slogan is "Strive for Five". Five cups of fruits and veggies each day. Your oatmeal volume would interrupt my fruit/veggie consumption. I also wonder if oatmeal and paper mache' are the same substance. Glad you are enjoying your tri training. You will also gain a new circle of friends!

Heather said...

Have you seen a nutritionist? I am much larger than you (and not an RD) so I don't know what your needs are of course but you seem a little low in protein and Calories. I know I was happy when I went to a nutritionist trying to lose weight-- I wasn't on very low Calories, and was able to on much more. Then, my lean body mass is 125 lb so I know that changes metabolism quite a bit over yours so maybe I'm just projecting.

Best health to you either way.