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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Find a Female Target

It's the hot, hot summer and I've been finding it really hard to do any speed work. That was until I found a new game.

It has probably happened to all of you... you are running along side someone and you both start running faster, trying to beat each other. I have to admit that I love these impromptu races. And now I'm secretly seeking them out. Three times in the last week, I've found a young, rather fit looking female jogger and I've tried to catch up, coming behind her with the baby jogger. The look on any woman's face is priceless when you pass them running faster than them with a baby and baby jogger. All three times I have done this, the young woman has gotten so pissed off that she starts running to re-pass me. This has resulted in one 3 to 4 mile all out race. And another day, one girl and I were racing so fast through a local park that pigeons and seniors alike were scurrying away in fear of their lives.

Anyway, I'm trying, albeit in a rather unadmirable way, to get faster. But there is no better stimulation to run fast than racing another female and basking in the satisfaction of winning with a baby jogger. I highly recommend it.

Here I am sweaty and happy after one such race.

Running Song of the Day: That's Not My Name by the Ting Tings

This is the perfect running song of the summer. It is so hypnotic and I adore the background jump rope. I can listen to it three or more times in a row when trying to run faster. You'll probably find it annoying, though, if you listen to it while you're not running.


SteveQ said...

"Shut Up and Let Me Go" is all the Ting Tings one will ever need (LOVE IT). I train where a lot of high school boys want to race me, usually after I've been out for 3-5 hours already. They don't do it twice...

Danni said...

I can't think of a single time where I've been out running (not in a race) and came upon another runner going the same direction. Round these parts I guess you have to stick to the track ;)

Danni said...

I mean where I live -- not ever in my whole life

sea legs girl said...
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sea legs girl said...

Steve, I enjoy imaginging you putting those high school boys in their place. And I can't wait to tell SR that you like the Ting Tings. They rate quite high on his annoyance meter.

Danni, I must admit, I am jealous of your situation. I love running completely alone and as Meghan recently said, enjoying "Miles of listening to nothing but my own footsteps."

Danni said...

Good rec on the Ting Tings. I hadn't heard them. There's a video on YouTube mixed with Yo Gabba Gabba. Once the Bois is old enough to be subjected to television you should check out the Party in my Tummy video.

SteveQ said...

Now I have to seek out the "party in My Tummy" video!

I once lived in an apartment that shared a thin wall with a guy who played Chinese classical music full blast at night. I found the only "music" I could play louder to annoy him (as I went to the lab to work all night) was Einsturzende Neubauten. The Ting Tings are wonderful - in small doses.