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Friday, 4 July 2008

High Altitute with The Bois

Wow. The trail running on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe is to die for. Sandy dirt trails crisscrossing through forests, up mountains and around lakes. I'm truly spoiled now. We ran into two guys who had run for 38 miles, so one can meet like-minded people in an area like this (or crazy people, depending on what kind of reader you are).
Yesterday we started our taper for the Angel Island 50k and just hiked. We hiked from 7000 ft base camp (Spooner Cabin next to Spooner Lake) to 9000 feet with The Bois on our backs. Up and back was a good 13 miles. The little Lorax was such a trooper. He didn't cry at all until we reached 9000 feet. We thought about continuing, but after I fed him and the crying didn't stop, we realized it was probably the altitude that was getting to him. That and his Cheyne-Stokes breathing and blue fingers (just kidding).
The hike down was nice until we got attacked by mosquitoes. The little Lorax ended up with about 14 bites on his face and head. All those despite SR running with him in his arms the last mile and a half or so. He didn't cry at all; just sheep laughed.
The cabin was perfect. Lots of love given and received by all.
Now we're in Reno at Merle and Elaine's. Dinner is about to be served so I've got to run. I hope tonight we can post some pictures.

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Olga said...

The trail running around lake Tahoe IS amazing!! Now you know why I moved to the West:) Enjoy!