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"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Tomorrow we are leaving for a Christmas trip to Austria with SR's family. I can't believe we are leaving with so much to organize in our lives. Our apartment is just starting to feel like a home and now we are leaving for 9 days. Seven in Kappl, Austria and then two visiting a friend of mine in Cologne, Germany.

Of course it will be great fun, but I feel like a nomad and I'm getting sick of it.

The Lorax has just gotten used to daycare. He goes to a "dagpleje" every weekday. A dagpleje is a woman who watches after up to six children between the ages of 10 months and 3 years. She watches them in her home. Ours is so nice. She makes all of the food herself and it's all "ecological", she has the kids play outside as much as possible, and today she sent The Lorax home with Christmas presents. His handprint in plaster for SR and his footprint in plaster for me. We were so touched. I should mention that this care is payed for by the Danish government. People wonder why this is the happiest place to live; well, that's one reason to add to the list.

Today I had my first meeting with my caseworker here who helps me with integration. He told me that the government has already agreed to pay for my entire language course for foreign doctors. That course will last for two months and then I'll (hopefully) enter the workforce. He then gave me a big boost of confidence when he said I had the best Danish of anyone he'd ever helped to integrate. I feel so stupid most of the time not being fluent yet, so that comment came at just the right time.

The first week we were here, SR was so down about leaving the kids that I thought our lives would just unravel, but things have gotten better. We're starting to feel settled and happy. We talk with the kids often and are looking forward to their visit and our trips home and then step-daughter moving here in July.

And SR's hematology fellowship sounds great. Just 37 hours a week and much higher pay than fellowships in the US. Not bad.

Also, we have found a use for the bidet.

Since I won't get the chance to write before then, Glædelig Jul!


olga said...

Free daycare with only 6 kids?? I should move to Denmark too! And the kiddie bathtub is totally kicking! I am glad to hear things are settling in bit by bit. First weeks/months are always the hardest, and then - it's what you make of them. Don't worry about leaving, things will fall in place eventually. Holidays only come once a year:)

Lisa said...

I also hate traveling when I am feeling out of sorts. You'll forget it as soon as you get there and start having fun!

As for the hairy armpits, it's all relative. If you have lots of black hair like me, you'd get laser hair removal as I do. If you are fair like you, don't bother with any hair removal. No one will notice anyhow.

Glad you are enjoying yourself! Happy Holidays!