Photo from Mount Royal, Frisco, Colorado.

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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A Christmas gift for you

I might really regret this, but I am offering you all a Christmas present.

I have compiled a cd of my top 10 Danish running songs of 2009. I will send it to you for free along with a song list. Just send an email to with your name and address.

If I get too many requests or if it gets too expensive, I'll have to stop sending them :).

Merry Christmas!!

Oh, and wish me luck. I'm sitting at the hospital, one of the 3 ophthalmolgists on call for the entire country today. And SR, The Lorax and Step-daughter are taking a bath in another city getting ready for present opening, Christmas dinner and dancing around the candle-lit tree.


I have already had a number of cd requests and have decided that since I am going to be sending one cd, I might as well also send a cd of my all-time favorite running songs (non-Danish).

Here is a picture of the Christmas Tree my parents decorated at their house in Wisconsin.

Sadly, none of their kids gets to see it in person since I'm, well, across the Atlantic, and my sister and her husband got caught in snow and never made it out of the Twin Cities.


SteveQ said...

Glaeddig jul!

Yeah, the storm was pretty bad here, even by midwestern standards. I just posted a bunch of junk, including a great running song from 1978.

Helen said...

Hope you still got to enjoy Christmas despite having to work. That's so cool you are going to do that race in TX - and how fun to meet with Olga. I have a few CA races on my calendar for next year - will be nice to run some new terrain. The Connemara race is all on road which I'm not too keen on myself but it is a beautiful setting. My sister gets married the following weekend so it ties in nicely!!

Happy New Year!

Olga said...

Am I late for the songs? :)

sea legs girl said...

You're not too late, Olga! I'll send em' your way.