Photo from Mount Royal, Frisco, Colorado.

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Friday, 18 December 2009

Updated race schedule and other news

In the last few days, we have gotten about 4 inches of snow. This just never happens in Denmark and must be giving the global warming skeptics visiting Copenhagen some ammunition.

I am amazed by how much trail running shoes help in the snow. I ran a 7 mile tempo across snow drifts next to farm fields and had such fun. Those of you who have snow all winter should really treat yourself to a pair if you don't have one.

Change of 2010 race schedule

Since Chippewa 50k has been cancelled and SR needs to go back to the US at the beginning of April, we are going to run Hells Hills 50 miler outside of Austin, TX on April 3rd. This means getting to meet Olga and Larry. I am so extremely excited this trip. My body just aches to run another 50 miler on trails. SR, on the other hand, is going to run the 50k and his thoughts are "if I don't win the 50k, I'm never running an ultra again". (But I can repect that. If he told me to run the 14 flights of stairs at the hospital every night like he did last night, I might also say "never again" at some point.)

European Ultra

For those of you looking for an ultra in Europe around the same time, Helen Lavin told me about the Connemarathon, a 39.3 mile race April 11th in Galoway,Ireland. Looks beautiful (but also sold-out. Maybe next year).

Fancy Family

Here are some pictures we had taken by our friend, Steen. I had helped him out a couple months ago, so he offered to take some professional pictures of the family for free! We got to visit his house and studio which are part of a farm from the 1700's.

Running song of the day: All Come Down by Steve Mason


SteveQ said...


Cute pics. But I wish the April race could've been the Trail Mix 50K or that you could do the Voyageur 50 Mile - looks like I may be the race director this year.

sea legs girl said...


I wrote a comment on your blog... but we are doing Voyageur and we may even show up on time this year.

olga said...

Very neat, this idea of making family pictures for holidays. I like it. May be one day I'll even do it:) happy season!

bathmate said...

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sea legs girl said...

You're too kind, bathmate.