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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Danish items that might improve your life

As I experience a mega taper before the Winter Marathon on Sunday, I have decided create a list of Danish things that that have made my life a little happier.

1. The Brio Wagon

This is perfect for babbies/toddlers starting to walk. The Lorax gathers all of the most important items from the house and walks around with them.

2. The kitchen waste basket

You never need to wonder where the garbage is in a Danish kitchen. There is always a wire contraption attached to the door under the sink. A trash bag fits easily in and pulls easily out of it. It's genius.

3. The Danish Sauna

Ha ha. I love that picture.
80-100 C, gender-specific, no swimsuits allowed. It is THE best way to dry off, warm up and relax after a swim. (sorry, I wrote "unisex" before thinking it meant "one sex". I must admit I tried a nude sauna with both sexes in Italy and it was more than slightly awkward. No males over 5 in the ladies' saunas in Denmark, so yes, The Lorax can join me.)

4. The flyverdragt.

Literally the "flight suit". This is a winter must for ALL Danish children under 16, and many (too many?) adults. Okay, honestly, I wouldn't mind one.

5. Barbapapa

This is actually a French series of books, but the characters are omnipresent in Denmark. These creatures speak to The Lorax on a level I as an adult can't comprehend. But, MAN!, he loves these shapeshifting guys. Parents, do yourselves a favor and buy a book or two.

6. The dish brush

I can't even remember how I used to wash dishes. If you haven't converted to a dish brush and a bowl with soap water, you should really give it a try.

7. Gummistøvler (rubber boots)

Why put up with wet feet? Children are not even allowed in school if the don't have a pair. I bought Step-daughter a pair that resembled gummistøvler because they were out of the authentic ones and they said she couldn't come to school the next day if I didn't buy the real ones that night. First rule of parenting in Denmark: never do anything that hinders your child from being outside.

8. Running Tights

Okay, I've mentioned it before, but they make running much more comforatable. Loose running pants are bordering on illegal here.

9. Squash Light

The BEST diet orange soda.

10. The dyne

A personal comforter to be used without a sheet. It's beautiful. Easy to make the bed. No fighting over blankets.


SteveQ said...

From #7, it looks to me like the first rule of parenting in Denmark is: Conform or else!

A friend recommends a children's book that's about how, when the Nazis required Jews to wear yellow Stars of David on their clothes, the King of Denmark also wore one... and everyone else did too. The book's actually meant for toddlers!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cool list! its neat to see what the popular items are in Denmark.

Carrie said...

Brio makes wonderful wooden trains, too. That cart looks great.

And I had a barba-book as a kid!! I think my aunt bought it in Israel because I remember it being in Hebrew with the English written in by hand.

Mapp said...

I so agree with the Lorax: Barbapapas rock! ( and even if you are above 30 :-)

Brianne said...

Barbapapas were big back when I was a kid in Canada. Love them. The olympic village in Montreal kind of looks like a barba-land of sorts. Also big are garbages attached to cupboard doors.

Marilyn said...

Not related to this post, but held og lykke at your marathon! (I hope that translates as "good luck.")

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Both cds are just awesome. I love them! Thank you! Can't wait to get them on my IPOD and go out for a run :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sea Legs! This has nothing to do with Danish products, but I am reading your blog as inspiration to get my butt out the door for a long run on a windy below zero (F) day! Thanks, it did the trick! Now, where are my running tights?

Helle said...

Hi Sea Legs Girl

I really enjoy to follow your blog. See you at Copenhagen Marathon.

SteveQ said...

Just received and played the gift CD's (thanks!) and really agree with Senegal Fast Food and really, really, vehemently disagree with celine Dion. Most interesting was the difference between US and Danish music!

My God, I own something recorded by Celine Dion.

Think you'd like Brandi Carlisle's "Dreams" as a running song, BTW.