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Friday, 15 June 2012

Diet soda experiment conclusion & Got Energy? Tri

Every time I try to sit down to write a blog post, things like an entire set of drawers topple over on top of El Guapo (yes, Mom, that just happened and he is relatively unscathed; they were the plastic ones). How is it that moms with two kids have time to blog, again? I promised a graph of the effect of giving up diet soda on my belly and waist size. Let's just say I stopped the measuring early because I looked so much better (less pregnant) that I didn't feel the need to keep measuring, though I am not going back to diet soda! Especially now that I have found a diet soda substitute called Zevia, which is carbonated water sweetened with stevia plant extract and natural flavors. I have been drinking the Zevia since the day after I gave up the diet root beer, so clearly it's not just the carbonation that made the difference.  I didn't measure on Saturday because I was helping set up for the Got Energy Triathlon and forgot.
Each measurement should be marked as a point and not with a continuous line (since I wasn't continuously measuring myself, but I used the kid program Make a Graph, which doesn't have that option :)).

 Speaking of that triathlon, I got an over 14 minute PR in the Olympic distance with a 2:38:17. The distances are 1.5 km swim (plus run up a large hill barefoot), 40k bike ride and 10k run. Unfortunately I have had bad bursitis in my left shoulder from carrying Mattias, so my swim didn't improve much. Plus some guy kept swimming into me. See if you can find me (my initials are the first two letters of "the") Times are swim, transition, bike, transition, run, total and places in each are listed before the times. Miles per hour is listed after the times for swim, bike and run. Confused?
A few photos from the triathlon taken by my dad. SR did really well, by the way, but that story will perhaps one day be found on his blog. Outfit of the race: Bob's.   I don't think he swam in these- and considering the lack of bikes on the racks, it took him a while to change (the belt might have slowed him down ever so slightly)


Olga King said...

Congrats to your race, and I am throwing a wild guess your other half won? Seems that in general your experiment was helpful.

Marathon Mom said...

Great race, congrats! Interesting experiment and great results, glad you found the issue. If only I had a diet soda addcition too then I could just use your results to know why I have the belly issue, although I think I am close to figuring mine out as well, 6 days without my massive morning bowl of cereal and it looks much better (sorry no data to back it up)

Danni said...

Nice job on the race! I do wonder if you drank one diet soda instead of however many you said you drank you'd still have a happier belly? I drink probably 3-4/week and am feeling resistent to the notion that I should stop :p That said, my belly has enough fat that a little bloat is probably not detectable.

sea legs girl said...

Olga, he got 14th out of 106 in the sprint distance.

Alicia said...

Wow, cool! That was an easy fix. Except, now you've taken away the mystery for us to try to figure out:)