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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Visit to the Ob-Gyn

At least I've gotten over that whole leaned back running style.

Ha ha. Just kidding, of course. No wonder my neck hurt at the end of the 13.1 miles last weekend.

And you wouldn't understand from this photo why I went to visit the Ob-Gyn on Tuesday.

My chief complaint: enlarged abdomen

As I have mentioned before, about every other day, someone asks me how far I am along or says that I look so cute pregnant. Thus, I becamse worried I had ovarian cancer causing bloating, or some sort of elarged uterus. Diastasis recti has aslo been mentioned here as a possible explantion. He examined my abdomen and laughed at my self-diagnosis of diastasis recti. "No way that's the explantion" he said confidently.

Move onto the internal exam and he says my ovaries were like two little walnuts (doctors love food analogies). Then he made a small cup with one hand and said my uterus could fit in it. I imagined my uterus being the size of a little, curled up mouse. So, I left with no explanation, but most importantly the reassurance that nothing was terribly wrong.

The next morning, the pilates instructor greeted me with "your belly is growing so nicely!" Can you blame me for not wanting to go out in public again? ...

 Well, so much for that thought. There is a race tomorrow that will be run by the author of this blog and you will have to check back to find out what it is.


Marathon Mom said...

I was hoping you had gotten a answer since I have a similar problem, there have been days when I truly wonder if I am somehow 4-5 months pregnant and didn't know it! Curious, what was his reason for saying it wasn't diastasis? That is what I often hear.

Good luck with the race :)

Amy Fisher said...

I am right there with you both. I am six months postpartum with my second child and also wondering why my belly's growing (I suspected diastasis as well ... and then wondered if I could be pregnant AGAIN? It is eerily similar to my 5-mo preggers belly) The curious thing is that my belly was much flatter in the early postpartum months ... seems the more I run, the more "pregnant" I appear. It's maddening! This did not happen with my first child.

PiccolaPineCone said...

ok, i have a diagnosis for you. it came to me when i was reading an article about a canadian cyclist who has an exceptiona; lung capacity of 8.3 L "so large that his lungs push down on stomach giving him his characteristic paunch" - there you go - exceptional lung capacity as a cause for stomach paunch. but of course you know that your stomach appears to stick out mostly bc you are thin so it looks relatively large.

btw la cocotte looked at your blog, saw the picture of el guapo in your sidebar and said "c'est ma soeur!". upon closer look i realized el guapo was wearing one of the outfits you sent for squeaker. good eyes!

sea legs girl said...

Hey Jen, good question. I didn't really explain well - He said it was too late post-partum and then he examined my abdomen and said I didn't have diastasis. I maybe would have doubted him if he hand't seemed so confident about it- like as if he was sick of women coming in with this self-diagnosis.

sea legs girl said...

PPC- it's lung capacity all the way. I have no excuse- I should be faster than SR:.

sea legs girl said...

Amy- all I have to say is EXACTLY. Okay, I will say more. I had nothing like this after Christian. It IS maddening. And yes, it is GETTING BIGGER. And I've cut out so much from my diet that going shopping is becoming expensive and time-consuming.

Alicia said...

"with no explanation"--what, so learning that your uterus is a little smaller than a walnut isn't a good enough explanation for you of why your belly is swollen?;)