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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Job Interview

First, I need to apologize if you found my blog looking for information on the flood in Duluth. I don't think I am the best source of news you can find on that topic, but you are welcome to stay-  I will be discussing the future of Voyageur 50 Mile Run in this post.

Well, what the heck? Why not start with Voyageur first?
Munger Trail after the Duluth Flood by Ryan Zimny
The 50 mile race, which is scheduled for July 28th, just south of Duluth, takes place in Jay Cooke State Park where there has been so much damage that the entire park is closed until futher notice. There is talk of finding alternate routes. Some runners are discussing helping to fix the trails on the date of the race. But I must admit, despite sure doing a lot of running on trails, I don't know the first, second or third thing about fixing them. But if there is a leader who can delegate responsibilities that will help us improve the park, then I am in. The Voyageur race will always have a special place in my heart and I am so saddened by the damage in Jay Cooke State Park.

See incredible photos here:

Job Interview
Ok, so it turns out The Mayo Clinic has a certain rural residency program (with the initials of frequency modulation radio --- I just don't want anyone looking for the program being forced to read this blog) that is a 10 minute bike ride from our current house. I biked over yesterday to meet with the residency director. I became extremely nervous describing the situation under which I left a residency (across the country from SR) when I found out I was pregnant and then moved to Europe wit him. Of course, the decision makes sense to me, but medicine is like politics and you need a perfectly clean slate if you want to be accepted into a new residency. The truth is, I am not guilty of anything, but now I need to convince other people of that, too. Why do this? I want to be able to practice clinical medicine and you need to have a board certification to do this. I want to learn how to care for an entire person and not just their eyes. I am interested in the health of an entire community. And I want the option of doing sports medicine.

The interview went well, but I want to explore the best options out there. Though living here, near the step kids would be perfect.


I'm always developing something, but this time it is a study to compare pregnancy outcomes and childhood health in swimmers vs. runners. The reason for this is swimming is very established as healthy for pregnant women and they are actually a perfect control group for runners because they tend to have the same sort of healthy lifestyle. I am hoping to use the data from the Danish National Birth Cohort.

Hot Yoga

It is changing my life! Core strength, injury prevention and treatment of tightened muscles. I have practiced yoga for 10 years now but never knew how different yoga in a heated room would be. Of course, it is the simplest laws of physics at work in the human body. If you are in our town, Root Down Yoga is the place to go!

Blog Transformation

I've been working on making this blog something I can attach my real name to. My dad and mother-in-law have been instrumental in letting me know this needs to happen! I am going to also create links to the research posts I've written. Basically because I know nothing different, I will write the same tone and honesty that I always have.

Afton 50k
This race is on our schedule for July 7th and I am accepting recommendations of places we should stay in The Twin Cities. I can hardly wait for the first ultra of the summer.

I can't believe I just had time to write such a long blog post!

My dad and my son at Brady's Bluff


Marathon Mom said...

Good luck with the residency. I live here and lack knowledge of places to stay. I have heard good things about Afton House. Could always camp at Afton;) See you there, although I might have to cut back to the 25K.

Danni said...

Good luck with the residency. I think when you're a professional it's just *not done* to take a non-traditional road. Once you go to school (law or medical) it's like you're done with fun :p

SteveQ said...

I'm volunteering at Afton. You could always stay at my house, if lack of air conditioning, mold and that "bachelor living" smell aren't an issue.

Alicia said...

Whoa, so much to take in there! I've got my fingers crossed about the residency, both for your benefit as well as mine (having you in the US longer:)).

Just wondering, why does the blog need to be something you can put your real name on?

Afton: Divesh had been making some noises at one point about wanting to do it. I'll see if he's still interested. I can't do it because I'm strictly in rest/cross-train mode until marathon training starts...

sea legs girl said...

Hey Jen! I did find Afton house, but it will be way too expensive for 7 of us, I think. I'm sad you might cut back to the 25k- mostly because I'm sad you're not feeling up to the 50. SR was talking about switching to the 25k because of the heat.

Danni- yes, that is why my lawyer dad is quite concerned. In both of those professions no one wants to be "non-traditional" and yet, in everything else, it is good to take a different path.

Steve- we have emailed.

Alicia-ooh ooh! I hope Divesh does Afton so we can all hang out again! The real name thing, well, I guess I just want it to be possible for the blog to merge with my real life. And I really shouldn't write anything I wouldn't want my name attached to. I mean, most people who read this blog know my name anyway, so it won't be a shocking change. It's just for my own sanity, I guess.