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Monday, 18 February 2013

A writing opportunity for running moms & writing rules established

But first, do the characters of ultra running ever make you laugh?

On a scale from 1-10 where 1 is "I look really sexy in these sunglasses" and 10 is "of course we are joking", where does this fall? And are they naked?
Tony, I will get you to comment on my blog one day!

But that aside...

 Parents are just good people, aren't they? I mean, being a parent is so hard. I am sitting here blogging with 4 kids going wild around me. And I'm supposed to be trying to find a job/residency spot in the US in my time off, you know when I'm not working on my PhD and not running or cleaning or cooking or comforting a sick child. Blah, blah blah. Seriously - every parent must feel like they work harder than every other parent and their spouse, don't they? But they don't. We all just work really hard and then sometimes we're lazy.

Are people who fall in love seriously meant to have kids together?

Sometimes SR and I get glimpses of the way life used to be. For those who don't know, I was dating him for 3 months before I got pregnant. We went out on a 9km run together on Saturday, at 4.40 min per km speed (had to get a training run in) while we discussed the history of the Republican Party in the US. It was great. We even added some fartleks as a sort of race. (okay, not like we can ever really race each other)

The next day we tried a 15km at this same pace and I started screaming at him when he told me to stop looking at my Garmin. I was probably just "hangry" as Danni would say. I wish I had more time to just tell him he's a good dad and that I am thankful for his help. And that we could go on a running vacation together, just the two of us. But people make choices and we chose to have kids. And we love them.

Writing Opportunity

I was contacted about writing for a website called "Über Mother Runner" It's about mothers who take on ultimate running/exercise challenges and write about it. I applied to be a writer and I thought it would be awesome if some of my favorite bloggers  would write for this site, too. Only 1 article every 3 months. That's doable, right? It would be fun to have a resource for likeminded running moms.

As long as we're talking about writing, I've been meaning to establish some
Blogging Rules:

1. Do not write like an expert trainer, dietician or coach if you are not (or if you are). ie. skip the posts where you try to give advice and please just tell your story. Humor is encouraged.

2. If necessary, look up the word "random" and realize it can never be used before the word "thoughts" as nothing we imagine could be random. Please only use random when referring to coin flipping or the numbers specifically generated by a computer program in a random fashion.

3. Please do not! overuse! the exclamation point! ie. blog title "Today I went on a run!" or "Friends!"

4. Please do not be beautiful or look professional or have sponsors. I realize this may be hard for some of you...
I am talking to you Candice Burt who gets 3rd at HURT
Do you seriously go hiking in this, Candice?

And please do not be from Sweden and win races like the Pikes Peak Marathon and look this good while doing it. And don't you dare get sponsored by Salomon.

Do we have a deal?


Ingunn said...

Somehow those glasses make Krupicka look even hotter. There must be something wrong with me.

Olga King said...

I think I may qualify...and no, in my opinion neither of them is hot, glasses or not, but I cherish Jurek and am ok with Tony. And ah, yes, parenting really sucks most of the time and I wonder why was that I wanted to have children so much - and that's beyond them being babies and not having adult vacations (those I could handle). It's the years that you still have ahead of you that are really daring.

Danni said...

Your blogging rules are similar to my C Team entry requirements.

Jill Homer said...

Ha, that top picture with the sunglasses and the shirtless/pack combo is pure gold.

Also, sounds like a great blog project.

SteveQ said...

Added Candice to the ever-growing "girls allowed..." list.

And I've seen Tony naked.

Alicia said...

I'm going to have to give that photo a 10--or at least really really hope they are joking.

Hurry up and find that residency in the US, we have races to do together here!

Ingunn said...

SteveQ is my new hero.

Kirsten said...

Sounds awesome. I'm in!

Katie said...

I give the photo a 10. That Candice chick is gorgeous though! I don't feel like I work harder as a parent than anyone else. I think parenting is super hard though. I have a co-worker who had triplets, knowing someone with triplets really puts things in perspective. Triplets are so much harder than single babies (at least if you're comparing relatively healthy babies). But it's all hard no matter what...

I think I follow your blogging rules, but not on purpose. I totally want to look like lady winning the race (or Candice for that matter)! And if it ever happens I'm posting the pic! ;)

sea legs girl said...

Steve, that's right! Didn't we both see him naked on the boat out to the Chiwaupee start in 2008?

sea legs girl said...

You are absolutely right Katie that I do not work harder than a parent of triplets. And honestly, most parents probably work harder than me. The sad truth. It feels hard but I should be doing more.

Katie said...

Oh, that's not true! You're just being hard on yourself! I often feel the same way, so I understand how you feel, but really we love them and do the best we can. And it's not that I think a parent of triplets works harder, it's that they don't get all the same "happy" times we get. They are constantly focused on the babies basics needs that each baby doesn't get the same snuggles as a single baby would get without other adults involved. There are only so many hours in a day after all.

Karen said...

Haha, he totally does look naked.

I agree with your blogging rules, especially #1. Nothing drives me away from a blog faster than someone that tries to pretend they are an expert at everything.